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This is the McGee Larson Emergency Surgery Fund. The funds will be used directly for McGee's medical costs.

Most of you know Tony's and my kitty, McGee. Well, since Tuesday, he's been vomiting, hiding under the bed, or under the kitchen table, not wanting to be held, and not eating or drinking.

After a couple vet visits and a few hundred dollars, we finally got an X-Ray done, and found he'd eaten a charm of mine that I'd gotten years ago from a friend that she'd given all of her bridesmaids before her wedding. I remember specifically while cleaning setting this charm on the bookshelf, but it had a ribbon attached to it, and McGee obviously had gotten a hold of it.

The vets thought they could do a $700 dollar scoping to get it out, but realized the ribbon had become entangled in his intestines. They had to do emergency surgery before any serious damage could be done to his intestines, which was an extra $2300. He's going to be in the hospital until he can hold down solid food, and then he's going to need constant observation and pain killers several times a day. There was severe bruising to his stomach and intestines, but luckily nothing permanent, so they didn't have to remove any of his digestive track.

McGee had to have this surgery, and I couldn't have the vet put him down, or bring him home and watch him suffer slowly. He's only 14 months old, and he's become such a vital part of mine and Tony's lives.

Now, my brother Doug has been an angel in offering this money, (it has to be paid up front) but with his new family, and two recent car wrecks, he really can't afford to be loaning me this much money, and I feel so guilty asking him to foot the whole bill.

Please, any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

I know the logical thing to do would have been to put him down, but he's family. I know most of you would do the same for your pets.

Thank you all so much for any assistance you can offer.

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