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Teddy is having neurological issues and we are trying to raise money for him to see a neurologist. Please show your support!

My name is Jamie. I'm Teddy's owner. I love him as if he is my child. I was given Teddy as a Christmas gift from my sister. My whole life I wanted a dog, but could never have one due to housing issues. He was barely 2lbs when I first held him. He was floppy and cuddly like a teddy bear, hence the name Teddy Bear. I was so in love, finally my own dog! Well..a few days later he started getting sick, so I brought him to the vet. She told me he seemed to have a cold but is ok. So I took him and kept an eye on him 24/7. I literally didn't sleep. He seemed to be getting better then suddenly took a turn for the worse. He started coughing and became even more congested. He refused to eat and drink. I was constantly trying to do everything I can to give him fluids but It wasn't enough. Unfortunately it was the weekend and his vet was closed. I call the emergency number and talked to the vet. She advised me that everything I was doing was right and if he is still not feeling well to take him to the emergency room in the morning, as is it was pretty late. So I stayed up with him until about 2 am and fell asleep by his cage. I woke up around 6 am and found him not moving. It was horrible. We rushed him to the hospital and he just barely survived. He had pnemonia and kennel cough,(he was purchased at a pet store). Thousands of dollars later he makes a full recovery. His life to me is priceless. I love him so much! This happend when he was a puppy and he is now 5 years old. He's always kind of walked in circles but many vets have told me its just a personality trait. About 2 weeks ago he got really sick and was vomiting for about 3 days. The first day I took him to the vet as I will not take any chances with him. During his sickness he could barely walk. His behind couldnt catch up with him. His eyes were jerking back and forth and he would consistently shaking. It was heartbreaking to see my baby try to walk and fall down EVERYTIME. So when I took him to the vet she advised me that she thinks there is something wrong with him but he'd have to go see a neurologist. She said they are extremely expensive and on my salary ( a nanny) I don't see how I can manage that one. He has been through so much and doesn't deserve this. I wish I could help him. Please help me help him!!
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