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This fund is for a surgical procedure needed for my dog Zach to survive. Please help in any way possible.

My german sherpherd, Zach is 8 years old and has had chronic ear infections his entire life. Everytime he is brought to the vet for the treatment of an infection, it is only weeks that he is well before a new infection (or multiple infections) arise again. He has been dealing with this pain and suffering his whole life, and yet is still the most lovable, well-tempered dog anyone has ever met.

Over the past 4 months, I have brought him to the vet about 6 times due to an ear infection that just never seemed to go away, despite all his antibiotics, steroids, etc. His most recent veterinary visit, the doctor recomended that he should have an ear culture and sensitivity test. When the results returned, they showed that he had 4 different types of bacteri (4 infections growing in one ear!!). In addition to this devestating news, she told me that one of the bacterial infections, a pseudemonas, was completely resistant to all anti-biotics and that is would not go away unless he underwent something called 'total ear canal ablation'. She explained to me that this would completely remove his ear canal, but would also prevent him from getting any new ear infections and remove any exisiting infection. She told me this was his only option at this point, and that the infection would ultimately kill him if he surgery was not performed. Like with people, if an infection goes untreated, it will spread throughout the body and eventually kill him.

I adopted Zach when he was 1 year old and saved him from an abusive lifestyle. Seven years later, I will do everything in my power to save him again. I don't have much family; he's really all I've got. We've been there for each other since the day I took him in.

I have extensively looked into this surgery and called around multiple veterinary hospitals to try and obtain over the phone estimates. I called about 25 vets within a 2 hour radius whom perform this type of surgery to try and obtain the best price. The majority of surgical hospitals estimated between $3,500-$6,000; however, I was able to find a facility about an hour and a half away that offered an estimated of $2,500, not including post-op care. I am able to come up with a very small percentage of the funds at this time, and am doing everything in my power to seek help from friends and alternate sources.

I've applied to 'Care Credit' but unfortunately my horrible credit left me unapproved. I have also applied to every grant organization I could find, but the wait lists are approx. 5-6 months, and he doesn't have that long!

He is in so much pain; he will scratch his ear, sometimes to the point of bleeding. I have put a cone on him when this occurs but he is still in screetching pain. Zach is like a son to me, and it really just breaks my heart to see him like this everyday.

I will do whatever is necessary to save Zach; I know he deserves to live his life pain free and happy. Please help save Zach; he is the most important part of my life.

A very big THANK YOU to Lori Ayube, Charlie Drum, Sandra Drum, Vincent Ayube (AKA Big Vinny), Gerald and Ginger Carlson, Cheryle Mulcuhy, Phillip Cushman, James Ayube, Paul Grabert and Ed Goss for your extremely generous personal check donations!!!

Zach's fundraising goal has been reduced proportionally to these private donations to reflect the appropriate fundraising goal! Thanks to all of you who have donated whether through the site or by check.
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