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this fund is to help obtain legal representation for montia mccauley who was wrongfully convicted name is montia mccauley prisoner #504467 currently illegally incarcerated in the missouri department of corrections for a crime i did not commit but due to the incompetent lawyer and my own lack of legal knowledgeand incompetence concerning the lawyers "misrepresentations" of a more lenient sentence based on his assessment that my case was "impossible to win" i ignorantly entered a guilty plea to a crime i did not commit because counsel misinformed and misled me that i would receive a harsher sentence if i went to trial.
it turned out there was non deal in place for a lenient sentence and after i pled guilty the lawyer left me to the mercy of the court and i ended up receiving four (4) thirty year sentences. i did try to withdraw my guilty pleas before the court pronounced it's sentence (based on counsel's ineffectiveness) but the trial court refused to allow it. after entering the department od corrections and starting my appellate proceedings i found out that the state had withheld a crucial piece of eveidence proving my innocence to several of the charges. this evidence consists of a police report containing en exculpatory statement from one of the alleged victims asserting that i was innocent of the offenses i've been convicted of concerning them. thus i stand convicted for protecting myself from physical harm and sentenced for a crime that never happened and is clearly the result of prosecutorial "overcharging".
the newly discovered evidence was only discovered by happenstance. there is no doubt the prosecutor withheld this evidence to secure an illegal conviction. i am now in possession of the police report exonerating me of the charges but i am not a lawyer and i am in need of legal representation to help me get my unconstitutional conviction and sentence overturned. my family cannot assist me in obtaining a lawyer (i have tried to get financial assistance) to no avail. that is why i've come to this to try to get financial help in getting a lawyer.
i have contacted several attorney's in the area who have experience in the field i need help with. each attorney (because i'm convicted of serious violent offenses) each attorney is requiring $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 to handle the case. i hope there is someone out there reading this who is willing to assist me with any kind of financial assistance to retain and attorney. the attorney i,m interested in retaining is mr. kent gipson 121 east gregory kansas city, missouri 64114-119 phone number 816-363-4400.
if anyone is reading this and thinking of assisting me with any funds to retain mr. gipson please forward the donations to the following paypal site ( is the email you need to put in paypal. i thank you in advance for your financial supprt on this important matter and i assure you i will use your donations in the proper fashion to retain an attorney because i value my freedom and i'm missing valuable time with my children and grand children. obtaining my freedom is all that i'm striving for so thank you for your supprt and kindness.

montia l. mccauley
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