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This is for Jade Daugherty's Spleen Removal Surgery Fund. The funds will be used for Jade's medical costs and related expenses.

Jade needs your help! Her owner Sherry decided to give her a fighting chance to live with surgery for her ruptured spleen.

Sherry's Choice:
I chose not to live with regrets for the rest of my life, of the surgery just being too expensive. I couldn't do that to Jade or her family. It wasn't her time yet.

I rushed Jade to the emergency vet. One of the vet techs carried her in for me and put her on a pad with a blanket. They put blankets on her to try and keep her warm until the doctor could see her. I could tell she was in pain. I told Jade, I'm not leaving you, no matter what happens.

Finally the doctor came in felt Jade's stomach and told me that she had fluid in her stomach, and that it could be internal bleeding. They took Jade back to test her. The doctor returned with a syringe full of blood and told me it was most likely a ruptured spleen, and it ruptured due to tumor growth on the spleen. They would need to take it out.

At the time I was told that a tumor could have reached her heart as well. I told them to go ahead and do Xrays, their would be no point in doing the surgery with another tumor on her heart. The Xrays showed no tumors, this was better news. I elected to have surgery right at that moment.

They didn't find any other tumors on her other organs during surgery, also good news. Thankfully, Jade is now recovering and doing better. The surgery went better than we hoped!

Jades Bio:

Sherry adopted Jade from another couple that didn't want her anymore... : ( Jade was 2 years old at the time. Jade is 8 today, loves to play frisbee, long walks on the trinity, food, more food, and sleeping. She has provided companionship and protection to her family and has been loyal. No one could ask for a better family member.

Currently no pet insurance will cover these costly procedures, so I humbly ask for any help in our time of need.

Update: 11/04/11

The vet got the biopsy back and they told us it was malignant. I was devastated. I didn't want to go the chemotherapy route because of quality of life will be better with us instead of in and out of the vets office and pain of the chemotherapy.

I decided to go with herbal remedies and holistic therapy. The meds I have her on are as follows:
Flor essence 1 oz twice a day
Cell Advance 880 (for dogs) 4 pills sprinkled on dog food twice a day.
Fish oil pills - two pills twice a day
Glucosamin with chondrotin (for dogs) two treats twice a day.
Apricot Kernals (B-17 vitamin) 6 seeds once a day
IP6 - this is still in the mail but will be adminstered once rec'd.

Update: 11/09/11

I changed the bandage on her foot today and it looks like she's regaining the feeling back. I didn't think she would ever get the feeling back. I thought it may be a blood clot due to a stroke. But when I was cutting the old bandage off and putting ointment on she would jerk her foot every so often. This is very good news! Thank you all again for your support!

Please help us out with her costly surgical procedures and give what your heart wants to give!

In Memorial 12/26/11:

Jade took a turn for the worse and collapsed. She lasted until Saturday. She had internal bleeding again as the cancer had spread. She was so noble and dignified.

We were devastated and know she can never be replaced.

We would like to adopt a new dog in the same situation Jade was when I adopted her, basically unwanted by her previous family but cherished by me.

We are still out regarding the surgery and several visits to the office plus herbal remedies.

If you feel it in your heart to give please do in memory of a cherished loved one.
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