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Background Story
Our story doesn't start with the typical 'sick baby' symptoms and we do not know anyone who currently has Cancer, therefore that diagnosis never even entered our thoughts. You know how people say "I never thought it could happen to me?" Well, that was definitely us!
I'll never forget hearing the doctor saying that Lorie could have Leukemia and thinking to myself, she must be mistaken because she already has Down Syndrome....she can't possible have Cancer too!

It all started when I noticed that she was getting a few more bruises than normal on places that normally do not bruise easily (like on the top of her foot). She was an active toddler so we explained these away, but when she woke up one morning with small red broken blood vessels (called petechiae) on her face, that got worse after we washed her face after breakfast...we knew something was not right. I called the doctor before noon and they had us come right over. I remember that she wanted to send us for bloodwork right away and told us that she suspected that Lorie may have a 'blood disorder' but she hesitated to elaborate. I was too afraid too even ask what she thought it 'could' be and the only blood disorder I have ever heard of was Leukemia. My sweet baby was already given the life challenge of having Down Syndrome...I just couldn't imagine that she could possibly have another disability, let alone a life threating disease!
After they took blood at the lab the doctor told us to wait at home for her phone call. We all know how prompt doctors are at returning their patients calls...but i'll be the first to tell you that staring at the phone does NOT help! Well, I think right before 5pm (I was so afraid the office was going to close and we would have to wait until the next day!), Mark called their office to see if they got the results back. I remember he was talking to the doctor and nodding his head...yes, yes, uh huh, ok....and finally I just blurted out " it's Luekemia...isn't it??!!!". It was all I could think of. He slowly turned his head to me and just nodded, with tears in his eyes, and thats when my world changed forever....again.
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