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Please help support our mission to get Hannah to be able to reach her full potential. Thank you and God Bless!

My daughters name is Hannah Howell. When I was pregnant with Hannah I was really sick and by me being sick it affected parts of her brain. She was born two weeks early because the Dr. did not know what was going on when she begin to lose weight while I was pregnant with her. They could also see fluid on her brain but when we did an MRI they could not see anything. So they took her early.

When Hannah was born she had no noticeable physical disabilities so I thought everything was fine. I was a very young mother so I didn't think anything of it. The Dr. sent her home after three days and said she was fine. After about six months I begin to notice Hannah was not sitting up or doing things that six month olds do. I had to take her to Texas Children Hospital. There she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy caused by CMV. Which apparantly is as easy to catch as a common cold. The Dr. told me Hannah would never walk, talk, sit up and she would be mentally disabled. Imagine the devestation I felt.

After leaving the Dr. office I was completely lost. There was a therapy program that was recomended to us after she was diagnosed. They had so many other patients they only saw her once a week, which anyone who has ever had therapy knows it takes more than once a week. When she turned three they released her. We then spoke to a therapy program in Florida that is every day for 8 hours a day. They guarantee to get Hannah to her milestone. There were only two things stopping us. Finances and her health.

Hannah begin getting really sick at the age of three. We were constantly in and out of the hospital. She then begin to stop eating. She refused to put anything in her mouth. Of course her not eating put her back in the hospital because she became very ill. She was three years old and only weighed 16 pounds and was 33 inches long. The beginning of this year (2011) she was placed into the hospital for failure to thrive. They finally decided to put a feeding tube in. After many hospital visits and sleepless nights she begin getting the nutrition she needed.

Currently she is four years old and 29 pounds. The point of this is she is now healthy enough to go to the therapy program. She has begun to hold her head up and she babbles. The only thing holding her back to reach her full potential is my finances. I am a single mother that can barely afford what we have now. So I need help raising money for Hannah to be able to go to this therapy program. This will be an amazing oppurtunity for her to be able to live a normal lifestyle and be able to walk into my arms and actually talk and tell me she loves me. I would do anything to hear her just say mommy. This is her oppurtunity and we need your help.
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