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This is the Apple of Our Eye Fund. All funds will be used to provide Apple with a life saving surgery that the shelter cannot provide.

We are desperately trying to raise money for Apple. She is a 2 year old cat that we are fostering from the shelter.

Apple came to the Animal Shelter this summer. When she arrived she weighed only 3 pounds! Two weeks after she arrived another volunteer Foster took Apple home because she was not eating well. Within 1 week of her being there Apple had a miscarriage. No one even knew she was pregnant. Apple finally got healthy enough to be spayed and put up for adoption.

I took Apple home in the beginning of October, within 1 week she went into Heat! I was shocked because she had already been spayed. She had to go back to the shelter for another surgery to remove the ovary they left behind.

About a week after surgery I noticed her breath started to smell really bad and she wasn't eating. I looked in her mouth and saw a BLOODY MESS! Her mouth was filled with bleeding sores. I brought her to my veterinarian and was told she has Severe Stomatitis.

We have tried multiple antibiotics and steroid injections. Nothing worked. As a last resort we tried a dental cleaning. The relief only lasted 3 weeks.

The sores are back and worse than before now. Apple will not eat because of the excruciating pain she is in. I brought her to my Vet again and he said she needs a Full Mouth Extraction to remove all her teeth and root tips. Cats can lead a long, happy and healthy life without their teeth. The Veterinarian said we have about 2 weeks until the teeth need to be done.

Our problem is that the surgery cost about 800.00 and the shelter cannot pay for a surgery like that on just one animal when they have so many more in need as well.

Apple is the sweetest cat I have ever been around! We desperately need your help in raising money for her surgery. Any donation would be a great help! Please help us get Apple healthy so she can be adopted. We just can't bring her back to the Shelter because we know she will be Euthanized and we can't have that! Please Please Help!!!

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