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Tiffany needs to go to Seattle to have a shunt placed on her brain. We are reaching out for help to make the financial burden less on her.

Before July 5th, 2012 I was just as normal as any other 21 year old female I worked as a deli worker at a local store in Alaska, I hung out with friends, went camping, went to the movies and enjoyed nights out on the town. July 5th started out just like any other day. Wake up at 5am, work at 6am, off by 2:30pm and home by 3pm. I had a pretty good headache going on, but thought nothing of it. That’s when I noticed the difference with my pupils. My left pupil only was enlarged. I was in the emergency room that night where they did a cat scan and other tests and could not explain what was going on so they had me see an eye doctor the next day. I went in to the eye care place on July 6th, 2012. They did a bunch of tests and examined me. With a field vision test it was shown that I had lost a quarter of the vision in my left eye. I was then sent to the hospital the following day for more detailed tests and had a MRI. I also had a lumbar puncture to measure the CSF pressure on my brain. (Pressure was 35) I returned back to the eye doctor and he told me my results. They did find a small pituitary tumor and referred me to a neurologist. I then realized this is something serious. Not having any medical insurance, I went to my public assistance office to see about getting medical help. I was denied for not fitting into any of their 4 categories. (1.) I do not have children. (2.) I am 21. (3.) I am not pregnant. And 4. I am not an Alien with an emergency medical need. This upsets me on multiple levels. I have been working since 16 years old, paying taxes and trying to be a productive member of society. I have been turned away by many doctors because I can’t pay them and many programs because of my not meeting their criteria for eligibility. I think a lot of them feel bad for my situation, yet no one is willing to offer me assistance. I have had 13 spinal taps in 10 weeks. I am taking 2,000mg Diamox daily to help me, but it doesn’t seem to be working all that great. The side effects alone make it hard for me to resume any type of normal activities even if I was able to. If I don’t have a spinal tap the pressure continues to increase and my left pupil dilates again, making it harder and harder to see. I actually waited too long once and both my pupils’ dilated and I was almost completely blind. When the pressure is relieved, my headache is instantly gone and usually with-in 24 hours my pupil will retract and it will give me a couple days relief from the nasty pressure headache that comes with this. I finally got a neurologist to see me and he did a MRV and that showed some abnormalities. I was able to see a neuro-ophthalmologist once and he didn’t know what to think and referred me to a neurosurgeon for them to see what they thought. I have not yet been able to see him because of payment. Their office told me their treatment plan once I have some coverage or could pay. I have a primary care doctor that is working with me to give me spinal taps every 6 days and the neurosurgeon wants to place a shunt in. With-out having medical insurance, this isn’t going to happen and it is horrible at 21 years old having to have a spinal tap done every week. I am scared and really need some help. I can qualify through hospital charity care here but not a neurosurgeon willing to do this surgery for me. I am at a loss. I am humbling myself and asking for help. I have applied for Social Security Disability because I am unable to work and if I do get approved someday I will be able to receive Medicaid. I just don’t think I can keep having spinal taps every week until that decision comes in as it could be months if not a year or more. They say if I have this shunt placed, I can return back to work in a few weeks or so. I want to get back to the way things used to be. I understand this is a lifelong deal and will require lifetime care and I plan to try to get a job with health benefits so that I am never put in this horrible position again. I am no longer able to work for my safety. It has taken everything from me. I am pleading for help before I have a stroke, seizures or an aneurysm. I don’t want to go completely blind either.
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