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Disabled & far from family, her grandfather passed away, her grandmother is ill. Please help Leslie get home to say goodbye.

Leslie Shelton is a caring woman who’s raised funds for so many. Now its her turn. She didn't ask but friends want to help. Disabled & far from family, her grandfather passed away, her grandmother is ill. I had her write her story, please read & help Leslie & her family be together in this difficult time & to see her grandmother one last time. Ways to help: share the link, donate, offer words of comfort & support, & prayers. Thank you!

Leslie's Story:
~On Feb 23, 2012 my grandfather Robert Brown lost his battle with cancer after 2 1/2 years of suffering. He was not my birth grandfather as I was adopted at the age of 13 by my parents after years in a foster home due to neglect and abuse. He was my mentor in regards to my love for animals, rodeos, and horses. He taught me everything I know which now I pass on to my children and continue to have a love for. All of my family is in CA. I live in WY with my husband and 4 children. I miss my family greatly and have no family near me. My grandmother has also been very ill loosing weight rapidly. She tries her best to hang on for my auntie who has CP and Downs Syndrome. Yet she is so very ill herself weighing only 70 lbs now. I haven't seen my family in over 2 years due to my illness, and the pain and financial struggles because of it. Because of the med I am taking to help me it costs me 219.00 every 5 days to keep me alive due to complications and beginning organ failure. I suffer with IH (intracranial hypertension) and Chiari Malformation, which places a financial strain on our family. My daughter also was diagnosed with IH last year and is now also suffering. I feel it is important to go home to say the goodbye I never got a chance to say befor my grandfather passed so that I and my children may have closure, and to see my grandmother one final time as it is a matter of time until she too passes. I need my family right now as much as they need me. I am unable to fly due to the cost although this would be much easier, it clearly isn't feasible, so I have looked at the cheapest way possible. To drive 18 1/2 hrs to go home. Though this is much less expensive, it is still prohibitive to my family's financial status.

My car rental as my car is having issues ( 231.00)
Gas is approx 300.00 RT
Hotel 2 days of traveling Rt and stopping half way during one way travel of 18 1/2 hrs is 69.00 a night. total 138.00
Will have place to stay when I go home
And food I will pack sandwiches tea, and chips.
So total needed is 231.00
Total $669.00
I am trying to sell a puppy if I can before leaving (fingers crossed) as this will give me about 200.00.

I am just at a loss as before IH and chiari we had money in saving, I worked, so we had two incomes and credit cards, yet now that has all changed, we now have no savings, a second mortgage,only one job and no emergency credit cards to fall back on.

I am a proud person and never ask for handouts nor accept them as I feel ther are others more in need. I do my best to help all that I can when others are in need so when the offer was raised, I was blessed and honored and knew that this right now means everything to me and my family and I truly needed the help and am honored by those who have offered to help.
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