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The Bodien family has faced way more than their share of trying times. Please consider helping them in any way to show that care.

Jim and Nancy Bodien have been through more in the last 2 years than most people will go though in a lifetime. They have not only been faced with the unthinkable circumstance of illness but they recently had a flood and just last week, a fire destroyed their home. Jim was diagnosed with Huntingdon's Disease, a genetic disease that causes your brain to deteriorate. For more info visit

This family has had one major hit after another. On March 23rd 2010, James Bodien, age 43 of Ridgway was diagnosed with this horrific disease. He and his wife, Nancy have four young children: Olivia 9, Gavin 7, Alyssa 5 and Gabriel 3. Since his diagnosis, he no longer works (due to falling and dropping things at his previous employer), Aaron’s Sales and Lease in Saint Marys. Nancy, who worked for several years at local radio staion, B94 in Saint Marys was laid off as mid day personality “Nancy Kelley” in May of 09. Her unemployment has run out and Jim gets a minimal amount on disabiliy. Disability is based on your highest 35 years of earnings and Jim has only worked for about 25 years (because he is so young) and that factors in a lot of 0's for is earnings. This leaves them with the same bills and considerably less income to try to maintain each month.

This past December, they had to leave their home for 10 days because their basement flooded with over 4 and a half feet of water. They had no heat, or hot water. They eventually got back into their home.

They have had several instances since then occur. Their daughter Alyssa has broken her arm twice within a year. Their sons have allergies and asthma. And their youngest son is developing bald spots caused by worrying.

As if this isn't all enough for anyone to go through, this past Saturday August 13th 2011, they went home to see their house on fire. The local fire departments worked very diligently to put out the fire, and had it out within a few hours. But all the contents have been destroyed. Their insurance will cover the structure but not the contents inside. So, this family will have to start all over again.

They had just purchased all of the kids school clothes and supplies right before the fire, and lost it all. Olivia will be going into 3rd grade, Gavin will be going into 1st grade , Alyssa will be going into Kindergarten and Gabriel will be going to Pre School.

This family has lost a lot of things in the past few years. Please help support thim in any way you can.

With your help, we hope to raise money to help this family move into a temporary home until theirs is repaired, and pay bills and hopefully have enough to purchase clothes for the children for school for the upcoming school season. Our goal is to try to raise as much as we can for this loving family. This event, we are hoping will be a huge success with the help of compassionate people such as yourself.

These are very trying times for the family. Jim's mood is very much affected as well as his constant movement and ticks. He also needs to eat 5,000 calories a day just to maintain his weight. With his constant movements, he can lose up to 10 pounds a week.

If you are wondering who the Bodien's are. Jim worked for House Of Television in St. Marys for years. He then was recently employed at Aaron's in St. Marys. Nancy was a radio DJ for B94 in St. Marys for over 19 years. They have 4 wonderful children, Olivia, Gavin, Alyssa, and Gabriel. They reside in Ridgway, PA.

Please go to for more information on the disorder and it's symptoms to better understand what this family is going through right now.

The Bodien family has dealt with job loss times 2, a major disease, flood and now the devastation of a major fire, all within a 2 year span. Please help in any way that you can.

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