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Family and friends of Kari Tooker-Blythe are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against Breast Cancer. Please show your support!

On her 35th birthday, Kari was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is self-employed and no health insurance upon her diagnosis; however, has recently been approved for Medicaid (March 1) and it will be in effect for (6) months then up for renewal. Kari, and her husband, John, have a beautiful baby boy, Logan, who will be 2 yrs. old on May 22 and he is the absolute joy of their lives. Shortly after Logan's difficult birth, Kari began experiencing a variety of different symptoms that at the time, seemed to be related to the rigors of childbirth and the overwhelming stress of having a newborn. These symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, progressed over the past year to such a degree that she began to seek medical treatment looking for an explanation. During a self-breast exam, Kari discovered (2) lumps in her left breast. A mammogram revealed two lumps and a breast biopsy days later confirmed the cancer diagnosis. Anxiety levels shot through the roof as Kari's mother, Lori, passed away from Breast Cancer at the young age of 41.

Kari had a Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction surgery on April 10th, 2012. Once she has fully healed and recovered from Surgery, she will need (16) rounds of Chemo then onto Radiation as the Surgery revealed the Cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and the tissue outside one of the nodes. On May 15, Kari's Oncologist insisted she start taking Tamoxifen to start combating the cancer from spreading while we wait for a full recovering from surgery. We cannot begin Chemo until she is fully healed.

We don't know what the total expenses will be. But we felt we had to get something started to alleviate the stress on Kari and John so that they can focus all of their energy and strength on winning this battle! The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses not covered by Medicaid and to help with daily living expenses so they can focus all their attention on her treatment. John has been a stay-at-home father taking care of baby Logan while Kari has worked as an Accounting and Finance Recruiter for her own company here in Austin, Texas.

Kari returned to work just 3 weeks ago after recovering at home from (2) surgeries. She was unable to work full time for 2 full months, but worked when she could from the comfort of her bed. She will continue to work when able after receiving Chemo and Radiation treatments. John has also been able to pick up some teaching classes for music in the neighborhood in the evenings and weekends to help bring in some additional income after caring for Logan during the day while Kari is at work and also hopes to help out a local, new business in the area when they open as a night shift/assistant manager. Kari’s Medicaid is up for renewal already in August. The funds raised will help supplement their income when Kari can’t work and help out with fixed expenses and most importantly, expenses not covered by Medicaid such as prescriptions, etc. Medicaid will only cover 3 per month.

This young little family need all your support and prayers to help them stay strong through this trial. Please keep Kari, John and Logan in your prayers at this time!

If you would prefer to mail a check directly to Kari and John so that they may use it for immediate expenses , you may do so in Kari Tooker-Blythe's name and send to:

Kari Tooker-Blythe
158 Country Creek Drive
Austin, Texas 78737

Collection Funds in Kari's name are also being set up in the following locations and further information will be provided when the accounts are finalized:

Broadway Bank (Active and Open NOW)
320 E. US Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, Texas
Ask to donate to: "Kari Tooker-Blythe Fundraising Account"
*If you have any questions regarding account, Karyn Lemons at the bank will assist you.

Primebank (Active and Open NOW)
37 1st Avenue Northwest
LeMars, Iowa
Ask to donate to: "Kari Tooker-Blythe Fundraising Account"
*If you have any questions regarding account, Jodi Brown at the bank will assist you.

American Bank (Active and Open NOW)
234 5th Avenue SW
P.O. Box 310
LeMars, Iowa
Ask to donate to: "Kari Tooker-Blythe Fundraising Account"
*If you have any questions regarding account, Angela Wurth at the bank will assist you.

Iowa Prairie Bank (Active and Open NOW)
201 Main St
Merrill, Iowa
Ask to donate to: "Kari Tooker-Blythe Fundraising Account"

Sioux City, Iowa
Ask to donate to: "Kari Tooker-Blythe Fundraising Account"

If you have any questions regarding donations or would like to speak to a family representative please feel free to call:
Kristin Tooker (Kari's sister) 712-253-3026
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