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Please help us defray's RANGER'S vet bills. He was hit and dragged by a pick up truck in his own driveway and then abandoned by his owners.

On August 3, 2012 my daughters and I left the Quarter Horse farm. Ranger bid us farewell in his usual fashion: running a few feet behind us, barking once or twice.

When we returned on August 4, 2012; Ranger failed to greet us. We found him unable to walk, hiding under the rear porch of a house; his right, rear leg dangling; whimpering in agony.

Consultation with three vets confirmed that Ranger had been hit and dragged by a truck in his own drive-way.

He would need two surgeries:

1) The first to repair (3) of (4) ruptured cruciate ligaments in his knee.

2) The second to relocate his femur back into his hip socket.

3) If the two above failed - amputation.

All three vets felt Ranger's leg was 100% SALVAGEABLE. I was 100% RELIEVED !

To my dismay - as I received the above news, Ranger's owner's also informed us they would not pay more than $20.00 for any vet bill: the purchase price they paid for Ranger. They opted to put him down. We opted to save him.

Ranger was operated on Aug. 6, 2012. The vet we selected elevated himself to the same level as a local veterinary specialist for less than half the cost. We accepted - who wouldn't?

I moved to the area to wrap up my own medical testing - I have been chronically ill for two years and I couldn't get my team of doctors in DC to listen and form a general consensus of what was happening to me; though I wasn't expecting the news that I got! (More on that at the end here - my mom is in the area and helping me with my daughters).

Ranger did NOT respond well and I became concerned immediately: I have had ACLs done so I am quite familiar with orthopedic procedures, swelling, etc. Communication ceased. I called, I drove 1 hour into the clinic leaving hand written notes since the staff refused to give me a fax number or an email address. Phone messages were not returned. I went in unannounced to try to "catch the vet."

Twenty fours days later - after finding what appeared to be a fresh incision, I demanded they release Ranger to me. (I had been on the phone to Auburn University and two other vet facilities) and immediately transferred Ranger to LAH.

The vet concurred: Ranger had been operated on a second time without my consent - most likely to debride his skin of infection. Ranger had a massive infection, scar tissue, and drain tracts.

Ranger started a cocktail of "designer pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, steroids, and pain killers." I iced him down 4-5 times per day. In the end, the infection compromised the top of Ranger's tibia and in the end, his leg was amputated.

A week later, I learned I had a brain tumor.

I have filed a formal complaint with the state veterinary board. I think they will be fair and objective.
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