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The family and friends of Victoria Chuk are uniting to raise money for her battle for her 7th Open Heart Surgery. Please show your support!

My name is Katelyn. I would like to share the story of my sister, and my favorite little side kick, Victoria Chuk. Her journey started on April 21,1995 - only 17 years ago. But on that day our lives and our priorities would all shift into an up-and-down battle in the fight for my sister's life.

Victoria was born with Hypo-Plastic Left Heart - in other words, she was missing the left ventricle to her heart. We were told she would not live more than 48 hours. I was only six years old at the time and I was excited for my new little sister and didn't know what to do to help. But when I walked to her incubator and saw this cute little monkey and held her mini little fingers - despite all of the emotions and unanswered questions - I knew that Victoria wasn't going anywhere soon. And I was right.

In 17 years since, she has beat the odds over and over again, undergoing six open heart surgeries, five pace makers, two synthetic tricuspid valves, and a stroke down the left side of her body. When she had the tricuspid valve replaced and a full fontan done on the same day they told us again the odds were against her as this had never been done and there was too much scar tissue on the heart. My mother demanded they take her back to the operating room. In the words of her surgeon "There was a higher power in the operating room that day," because when they opened her chest the scar tissue that showed on those scans was no longer there. When the operation was complete and she was stabilized the doctors told us when she wakes up she may not know who we are because of how long she was under anesthesia.  But she opened her eyes and asked "Where is my daddy?" We were blessed with a miracle that day. Medical science can only go so far sometimes, but on that day God willed my sister to live. We pray it is His will now that she continue her life.

Her last heart surgery was performed at the age of twelve.  She is 17 now and her health is shifting again. During a routine heart catheterization in November, surgeons found that she has out grown her synthetic valve and will need a new one.  The doctors have told us that she immediately requires a life-saving tricuspid valve replacement as well as a new pacemaker. Without this procedure, Victoria will have approximately 3 months left until her other organs begin to shut down.

The reason I have created this fundraiser for Victoria, is to ensure that she will be able to make it to the best hospitals for the best treatment and that my mother and father can be by her side at all times. My dad works for UPS and has for the last 12 years but my mom has been Victoria's primary caretaker for all of her life.

Your donation will be used for travel expenses from our home in PA to Ann Arbor, MI on February 22, 2013 when Dr. Ed Bove will be entrusted with the care of Victoria,  and to help support the family at the hospital with Victoria during this crucial time period.  Thank you so much for your kindness and support and God Bless You!

(check donations payable to: Jude Chuk C/O Tori Legend Fund and mailed to : 111 Stoneybrook Drive Greensburg, PA 15601 )

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