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After years of mysterious and severe symptoms, we've found the answer to Jia's debilitating illness. Please help Jia regain her health!

Jia has been searching for over two and a half years for the answer to her current health challenges. Finally the answer has arrived, and with your generous donation of support, she can at last get the care she needs to end her long ordeal. She has been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism, an often-undiagnosed disease involving a tumor on one or more of her four parathyroid glands, causing severe symptoms and posing other health risks. In Jia's case, these symptoms (which have often been disabling and frightening) have included heart pounding, palpitations, internal burning, tremors, intense adrenaline fight-or-flight episodes, headaches, bone and joint pain, cramps, mental fog, and severe insomnnia, to name but a few. Imagine all of these happening at once, without notice, on a near-daily basis for 30-plus months, and you can perhaps glimpse the amount of suffering she has endured. The symptoms have been worsening recently, so there is an urgent need to get her help ASAP. This disease is also responsible for Jia's long-term chronic fatigue and severe adrenal fatigue. The longer the tumor remains in her body, the higher the risk of more serious issues like osteoporosis, heart attack, stroke and/or cancer. Thankfully, there is a surgical procedure that can cure this disease, whereby the affected gland (or sometimes glands) and tumor is removed, leaving the remaining normal glands intact. Jia needs to have this operation done right away, to avoid the risk of more serious complications. The medical team of Dr. Norman in Tampa, Florida, will be performing the surgery. Dr. Norman is the preeminent parathyroid doctor—in fact, he specializes in only this surgery, and over 98% of 16,000+ patients his team has operated on fully recover. This surgery really is a cure—she won't have to have another procedure later, once the tumorous gland is removed. Learn more at Jia needs to raise $13,000 (including the procedure, consultation, etc.) before she can even schedule this operation. With your help, we can make the wait a short one. Please make a generous gift today. We've been asked by some if they can send a check. Yes! That is fine too. Please make checks out to "Jia Rose Fund", and mark the memo space with "Gift". Mail to: Bryan Dechter 873 Silverleaf Rd. Zionville, NC 28698 Those of us who know and love Jia are eager to have her back fully healthy, and able to offer her talents and wisdom with her friends and community once again, without the devastating effects of this disease keeping her from her right work (and play!) any longer. Please note: When donating online, please understand that if you choose to remain anonymous, your name will be anonymous to the public AND to Jia. If that is your intention, we fully understand. However, if you want Jia to know who you are, or how much you have donated, please send us an e-mail so she will know. Also, if you "Leave a note of encouragement for the beneficiary" when you make your donation, those words ARE displayed publicly on the site! The Give Forward website is not all that clear on these points, so please be aware when you make your donation. If you want to send any words of encouragement directly to Jia, please send us an e-mail. Thank you, all of you, for your generous hearts and support.
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