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Sandy and her family need our help. Not just prayers, but financially. ***Please click on the update tab for a little something special***

If you are here - then you know me - or at least know "of me"...... I am Sandra Lee........ Sandra Lee Pebbles - Daughter of my parents Yes, Sandy Pebbles sounds like a great joke - I know!). Sandra Lee Gray- Mother of the greatest blessings on earth - my children. Sandra Lee Tutsie - Wife to a man who has given me the greatest gift I have known here on earth - that of unconditional love. So - Bottom line - all of those names attach me to someone - So - I just believe that I am God's child - sent here to navigate through this journey - and I am His child...........Sandra Lee.......and I am a Zebra. I believe that we all dream of being something really special in life as children......and, I am sure I was one of them. Little did I know that I would find my "specialness" in the most unexpected of circumstances. I wanted to be special for being the perfect wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc........(found out the hard way that wasn't possible- perfection doesn't exist but for God)......But at age 29, I had my first wake-up call with a body that began to take a detour on the road-map of life that I had planned out. I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. Not a true "rare" disease - but not common at my age - and least of all not common to the degree that I have been diagnosed. That has been over 10 years now. As Meniere's has sought to consume my time, energy, and body - It picked up a few friends along the way - I now struggle with multiple "chronic diseases" - My body and I are fighting against each other - I have Bilateral acute aggressive Meniere's disease (autoimmune disease), Crohn's disease (autoimmune disease), POTS -postural orthostatic tacchycardia syndrome (autonomic dysfunction), anemia of chronic disease, benign cyclic neutropenia, suppressed immune system - and then the side-liners of arthritis from Crohn's and fibromyalgia with anxiety and depression........Wow - That wagon is full! We have to laugh or at least smile because the odds of just one of those health conditions was listed as 1 in a million - My doctor laughed at me one day when he told me that my statistics were way beyond that of one in a million.........They tell me that I am a walking miracle so, I won't belinger each disease or health diagnosis here - It is just my summary - but know that I found my way to be special - In the last place I was looking - Inside my body.......... And for the doctors who worked soo hard to help me and find all of these diagnoses - who had been trained to know that the sound of the hooves coming was that of the horses - "thank you" to those who pushed on and on and saw that I wasn't the beautiful stallion riding up - but the Zebra trodding along - Rare - unique - and special in the most unexpected of ways. UPDATE: Now, it appears that my autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia) may be spreading from system to system in my body causing the vascular collapse, intestinal dysfunction and lack of function, bladder dysfunction, neuromuscular dysfunction....and on. So, I am being sent to Cleveland Clinic and am scheduled also at the Mayo because there is only a handful of institutes that can handle the higher level investigations of the dysautonomias. We are going with the hopes that it is a version that is stoppable but it is a process that we have to conquer. So, off we go to Cleveland for who knows how long to get to the bottom, or top, of whatever lies ahead for me in this body...and my family and friends who support me as I go this way.... My faith lies not in what I see, but who I know.

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