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Sargeant is a lovable puppy who never deserved any of this. Please find it in your heart to give for her and all that she's been through.

On June 3rd 2010 Sargeant, my four year old Miniature Pinscher was thrown into the wall by my ex-boyfriend breaking her left rear femur in half and causing fissures up and down both sides of the separated femur bone. It was one o'clock in the morning. I called all the vets in the phonebook looking for an emergency vet. I was horrified. Once I got ahold of a vet I was in my car with my poor little puppy. We were referred to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon who repaired the break with an internal metal plate. I just wanted my Sarge back and for her to have her leg back.Two weeks later, the plate bent. We ended up back in surgery to repair the plate and fracture once again on July 2nd. During this surgery, they replaced the bent plate with a larger one and also placed a pin inside her femur to provide extra stabilization. Thankfully, the Orthopedic vet did this surgery for free since the plate should never have bent. The pin they put in caused extreme pain and irritation to Sarge. We went to 4 different vets to try to alleviate the pain. Each vet bill increased, she needed sedation and xrays. And after almost a month, they finally removed the pin.

Excitedly she started to walk on her leg again. Then on September 20th, Sarge quit using her leg again. Upon inspection, I noticed that the leg seemed deformed. Once again we were at the vet. Two xrays later, we saw that the second plate had snapped in half. How does a 1/4 inch steel plate snap in half in a 18lb dog?
We found ourselves back at the orthopedic surgreon. After all the repairs, it was determined that the best option was to amputate. Her bone wasn't healing. Four months after she was thrown, my little Sarge is now a three legged dog. After all we did to save her leg, I am left with 4600$ in vet bills resulting from her being thrown. I am looking for assistance to help pay for the medical bills that have plagued me for her surgeries.

A little bit about Sargeant. Sargeant is a beautiful little firecracker. She loves to cuddle with me on the couch and sleep under the covers in the bed. She follows me where ever I go and loves playing with her big 'little' sister Hunter. She has her own temperament and attitude, just like a child. My dogs are the world to me. Seeing her go through this is devastating. I just want her back to the puppy she was. She didn't deserve any of this and I wish it would never have happened. But Sarge surprises me. She has been extremely resilient throughout all of this and is bouncing back wonderfully minus a leg.

*Update* 10.17.10
It's been a little over a week since Sargeant's amputation. Her incision site looks great, no redness or seepage. She no longer lets me help her up the stairs, she's so independent! Sarge has started to get her spunk back. On Friday, she will be getting her stitches out. She is progressing wonderfully.
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