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For those of you that are unable to donate money, please donate love :)

I hope this message reaches everyone in the best health. I have a small favor to ask of you, I have a friend who is going through a hard time and could use some extra help. If you could please donate money and love to help her out. Any amount is fine as long as it comes from the heart :). I will give you a brief description of her situation, then I will go on to tell you why I am doing this.

She is recently divorced (which props to her for having the courage to get out of a toxic marriage) and has two gorgeous children, ages 4 & 9. She was left in debt after the divorce. She is currently working towards getting her associates degree in nursing :). I would like to raise $9,000 to help cover the cost of her children’s education. (Unfortunately, the school was unable to help her financially. She asked if she could set up a payment plan in order to pay some of that money off but was denied.)

Now to tell you the real reason I’m doing this. Not to raise all this money and get her out of debt, because I believe that the money will take care of itself in the end, but to give her faith and hope back. To show her people still do care about her and that she’s not fighting this alone. To show her that a list of complete strangers love and support her.

I plan on giving her the check the first week of September along with the list of friends who helped support this page.

Also, she doesn't know I'm doing this for her (I got the idea out of a book I read called Eat, Pray, Love), so I have used an alias name. Anyone who would like more detail or would like to know her real name please feel free to message and I'd be more than happy to give you the information.

I will update all who helped support her with pictures and messages once the fundraiser is complete.

My prayer wish to ALL,

May the Lord watch over us and our loved ones and protect them from harms way.
May he bless us with all that he has to offer and shower us with his eternal love.
May he open our hearts to the truth.
May he give us strength. May he give us courage. May he never let us stop believing.

And for those who are fasting in observance of Ramadan...
This is my prayer wish:

May the Lord accept our month of fasting and may he accept our prayers, may he strengthen our iman (faith), and make us amongst il sala7een (the pious believers).
May he cleanse our hearts, make them pure, and fill them with this eternal love.
May he guide us ALL and open our eyes and hearts to the truth.


May the spirit of giving live in us all.
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