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The Wessels Family is seeking financial help with Emmie's cancer surgery...veterinary bills are mounting, but we just can't "give up"!

[New News] SURGERY DATE Tues. 9/20...
Emmie was given a 50/50 chance by the VCA surgeons. The biggest worry seemes to be she may bleed to death on the table. If she makes it through surgery, IF they can remove ALL of the tumor, she will live a normal & happy life.
IF they can't get it all, then she will undergo chemo therapy to keep the cancer in check as long as possible.
We don't want her to suffer, but we do want to give her every opportunity at the life she deserves.

Yesterday ( 9/15/2011) we took Emmie to the VCA. They did extensive testing, which cost a fortune, but gave us hope for a MUCH better outcome than we originally had!
Overall Emmie is doing really well, considering. Her labs came back good & her CAT scan showed that nothing other than one kidney is involved!! The other doc said it was in her lymph nodes, lungs, etc. Not true, Thank God!

So, today the surgeons & oncologists are consulting and deciding if Emmie is a good surgical candidate.They thought so last night, but everything hinges upon the CAT scan results & how vascular the cancer is. If all goes in our favor, we take her in this morning & she goes under for kidney/cancer removal. The scariest part is the tumor being wrapped around her aorta. That is the only real sticking point.BUT- the GREAT news is that she "should have a relatively normal, long ,happy life" if the tumor & kidney are successfully removed!!!
Surgery estimate is $5000. So, again, every single penny can help us! We managed to come up with the $2200 for yesterday's tests...but are seeking emergency assistance to help with today's surgery!! Please consider donating if you can! Hugs, Tim, Rachael, Randy, Lacey, fire...and Emmie!
Our young Doberman, Emmie, received the devastating
diagnosis of "end stage kidney cancer" (metastasized Wilms Tumor with no recommendation for treatment) last Thurs. morning at the tender age of 2 years old. Our family is devastated.
We never expected anything like this for this lovely, sweet hearted baby who had a real chance at becoming a Therapy Dog. We took her in to the vet thinking we were dealing with Spay Incontinence. From there things spiraled out of control when the doctor felt a mass in the kidney...
We are seeking a second opinion from a Canine Oncology Specialist at the Sacramento VCA & more specific testing/cancer staging in an effort to achieve a more accurate diagnosis & then treat as aggressively as possible, God willing.

Please help, any amount will go 100% toward Emmie's veterinary bills. Her care in the last 2 weeks has already exceeded $1000...and from here they could skyrocket. This unexpected situation is placing a financial burden on our family, but we are doing what we can to raise money to treat our beloved Emmers.
Besides this fundraiser we are selling our jewelry/electronics, holding garage sales,& having a bake sale.
We know times are tough for EVERYONE, and that giving is hard in this economy...but every single penny helps. And each is appreciated more than anyone could ever guess.
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