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Please help me raise funds to pay for Juniper's surgery.

In December 2011, our dog, Juniper, was diagnosed with Patellar Luxation (sliding kneecaps) and requires surgery on both of her hind legs. The estimated cost for her surgery is between $3,200 to $3,600 and I do not have the funds to pay for the surgery.

In August of 2008, I lost my husband, Luis, after his 2 year battle with brain cancer. At the time of is death, our son Nicholas was 4 and our daughter Ashley was 21 months old. Nicholas had always been a shy child, and after losing Luis he became more withdrawn and depressed. He desperately wanted a dog and I thought that a dog would be a good companion for him. In April of 2010, I contacted the Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, SCLRR, and applied to adopt a dog. After a few weeks, SCLRR called and told me that they had found the perfect dog for my family. At first I was skeptical, but after meeting Juniper I realized just how right they were.

In May of 2010, we adopted Juniper from SCLRR and brought her home. Juniper is the perfect dog for my family, she is a Labrador and Spaniel mix who has the body of a Spaniel with the face of a Labrador. At almost 50 pounds, she could very easily overpower either one of my children, but has never once been aggressive towards them. In fact, she is quite the opposite, she is gentle, loving and friendly. I joke that she is the “worst guard dog ever” because she loves everyone, if a burglar were ever to come into our house, she would probably lick him to death!

Juniper has truly become Nicholas’ dog. Nicholas doesn’t like being alone and Juniper happily accompanies him around our house to keep him company. He feeds her and fills her water dish every morning. When we leave the house, his job is to put her outside which he gladly does by bribing her with a treat.

In December, once it became apparent that I would not be able to afford the surgery, I discussed with Nicholas the fact that we have to give Juniper back to SCLRR. He was devastated and has been obsessing over losing her. He is constantly asking me if we are going to have to give her back, talks about losing Juniper with his babysitter and a week before Christmas announce that I would never have to buy him anything again so that I could have enough money for Juniper’s surgery.

At this point I am desperate to find a way to pay for Juniper’s surgery. This past month, I have been struggling with the decison to ask you all for financial help. You have always been so very generous to my family and I know that financially times are difficult for everyone. Since losing their father, I have done my best to provide them with a loving and stable home. Nicholas and his sister Ashley continue to grieve the loss of their father and I fear that adding the loss of Juniper, who is truly a member of our family, will further devastate them. It is for this reason, that I am swallowing my pride, and once again, asking for your help. Any assistance that you can provide to my family will be greatly appreciated.
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