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This fundraiser,hopefully, will help with medical expenses my insurance won't pay & my NEED to go to MD Anderson in Houston to battle IBC.

Ok...this nightmare began, believe it or not, on April Fool's Day, 2011. After my shower on 4-1-11, I noticed a red circle around my right breast!! It scared me to death, so I called my OBGYN since I had no idea what was happening to me. Fortunately, my Dr. William E. Williams, I believe knew exactly what I was dealing with. He tried to schedule a mammogram in Searcy & the earliest they had was in 2 weeks. I heard him on the phone tell them "That's not good enough! She needs it right away!" So, my appt. was made in Little Rock at Baptist Breast Center within a couple of days, which only showed skin thickening & coarse, probably BENIGN calcifications. But I insisted for the radiologist to physically look at my breast & he then suggested that I either had diffuse mastitis or inflammatory breast cancer. Therefore recommended surgical consultation.
My husband & I found out about surgeons with specialty in this area. We chose Dr. Dana Abraham, called her office & told them we were facing IBC. My appt. with her was made within a couple more days. She suggested antibiotics for a couple months in case it was mastitis...we said "NO, we want a biopsy now!" She agreed & it was done on 4-14-2011 and the results were positive for inflammatory carcinoma & DCIS accounting for less than 5% of total carcinoma. The stage is IIIC. All of this transpired in a matter of 2 weeks!!! Whereas other forms of breast cancer take about 2 years to get to this point!!
Dr. Abraham put us in contact with Dr. Ryan Koch, my oncologist & made an appt. to begin chemotherapy. Which included 3 chemo drugs along with the "wonder drug" Herceptin. Before starting chemo, a muga scan was done, which is routine for patients receiving Herceptin, and results were fine. After chemo, tho, another muga scan was done & my numbers had dropped 17 points, which meant my heart was Dr. Koch stopped Herceptin which I was suppose to receive for 1 year after chemo,surgery & radiation.
We then had another PET scan to see how well the chemo had done. It was great!! NED (no evidence of cancer). Even so, a mastectomy was performed on 9-1-11, because this type of cancer is notorious for coming back & back & back. Radiation began then for 5 days a week, a total of 33 days, just to kill any cells that may have been too small to see.
Which brings me to the reason for this fundraiser-my oncologist has exhausted all options available to us here in Arkansas for treatment, since I cannot take Herceptin as it will cause me to have heart failure. But there are more treatments I can receive in Houston, Tx at MD Anderson to keep this very aggressive, killer cancer at bay. Whereas if I stay here & do nothing but have checkups, the prognosis is not good at all & I would truly love to grow old with the love of my life, my husband, my best friend, my caregiver.
So, if you find it in your hearts to give whatever you can so that I can go to Houston & get the treatment I so desparately need...I will be eternally greatful to each & everyone of you!! If you don't have money to give, prayers will be just as appreciated, for Jesus is the only real answer to my problems!! Thanking you all in advance, truly,
Kristi Guidry Henessee
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