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The parents of Jarrad Jr are asking for your help to give him the ability to communicate with his family due to his failing hearing.

Jarrad Jr is my 2 year old son and he is losing his hearing. We found out about this about a month ago and we have been doing everything we can for him now so he can learn to communicate before he loses all of his hearing. They are still trying to determine what is going on with his left ear and all they have been able to tell us so far is that the left ear drum is not moving the way it should. His right ear as of now is moving good, but the left has minimal movement and it is causing a serious strain on his hearing as well as his verbal skills. He has a therapist that comes out every week to help him learn new forms of communication including sign language and technological based communication with an iPad. She has mentioned to us a few times now that he would greatly benefit from an iPad with several of the programs on it for alternative and special needs communication. We began looking into the iPad and the programs she recommends and as it turns out they are quite expensive. The iPad it around $500 not counting the insurance and the protective case so he doesn't break it and then the big program that he uses is and addition $120. The total for all the things he needs not counting shipping is $900. All the donations collected here will go directly to the purchase of his iPad and apps so he can finally be able to tell us on more than just therapy days what he wants to eat or drink and what toys he wants to play with. Sign language is great when he has someones attention, but the ipad makes sounds for him when he can't and that can get him the attention of another person so he can tell them what he wants. The iPad will also help him to learn more words before his hearing is gone and thus leaving him with a spoken vocabulary as well as his sign language and the other apps for his iPad. I want to thank you and Bless you all in advance for any donations you make and may God pass your love and caring nature on to others as well.

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Jarrad Jr's entire family.
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