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This is a fund to help Brittney get her tumor back under control. The money will be used to pay for doctor bills.

Brittney was always high spirited, from the day she was born. Her senior year in high school she began getting really sick, she would get high fevers and headaches accompanied by body aches so bad she could barely move, this would go on for days and come back several times a year. At one point we got a diagnosis of a syrinx, which is a cyst in the spinal cord, it resides in the lower part of her spinal cord. Things got better slowly, and she moved to Kansas to go to college and was subsequently diagnosed with a prolactin pituitary tumor. After several blood tests and MRI's she was put on medication. Again things got a little better. She volunteered to go to Brazil and teach English for 6 months during her sophomore year. Things got a little worse while she was there. When she got back she got engaged, determined to get on with a normal life. Her symptoms continued to get worse. She got married and was dropped off of the insurance she did have but was not notified right away. She and her husband decided to move back to Reno. Her prescription ran out, and she found out she had no insurance. Since she has been here she has had numerous headaches, been constantly nauseated, and has very low energy. The latest headache has lasted more than seven days. She finds it difficult to sleep, and could certainly never hold a job. We managed to scrape together enough money to see a neurosurgeon, who told us we really need to see an endocrinologist. She needs some very expensive blood tests and another MRI. As well as to get established with a local endocrinologist. I am trying to raise enough money to get those few things done. Hopefully her husband will get insurance through his new job soon and they will be able to maintain the care we get started. I hope the symptoms she is having are simply side effects of the tumor and medication. We desperately need to get these tests done to find out for sure. I would like to have my vibrant, spark plug daughter back. Won't you please help us raise the money to get treatment started? Any bit will help. Thank you for your time.
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