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Fraternal Order of Eagles Worland Aerie & Auxiliary 3096 Taco Dinner/auction/ dance Fundraiser for Briseis (little B) on August 13, 2016.

August 13, 2016 Dinner Fundraiser The Fraternal Order of Eagles Worland Aerie & Auxiliary 3096 will be holding a Taco Fundraiser dinner with a silent  &  live auction and dance on August 13, 2016 for Briseis Beccaria Young, to help fund her continued alternative ABR Americas therapy costs,  The dinner will be held from 5pm to 7:30 pm.  The live auction will begin at 7:30 pm and the dance will start around 8:30 pm to 11pm once the live auction is finished.

Cost:  Adults $10, children: 6 to 12 $5, 5 and under free.

If you are unable to attend the dinner but would still like to donate, you can use Briseis' GIVEFORWARD website to donate.  Just click on the donation link on this page to the right.

Any and all proceeds will go towards Briseis’ ABR therapy and travel costs.

 ABR is an international leader in Cerebral Palsy (CP) rehabilitation. Founded by Leonid Blyum in 2000, they use the world’s most innovative and scientifically proven techniques and technology.  Their home-based rehabilitation approach improves the child’s vital functions, motor functions, awareness and interaction with her environment.   ABR’s mission is to  “transform the quality of life of children affected with Cerebral Palsy (CP) while improving their health, motor performance and awareness.”  ABR’s  ‘Reason for Being’ is to offer children and familes a proven and scientific method to help a child with CP ‘Thrive and Flourish’, as any other child, while simultaneously improving his/her motor functions. For more information on Brisies' story and her journey you can keep reading and also click on any of the update links from previous years.  

All funds that are showing up as already being donated are from last years fundraiser and those funds have been used up.  I didn't want to start a new fundraiser page because it wouldn't transfer all of this pages details so I edited this page but it would not allow me to clear the funds raised from last year.  


Last year's June 2015 Fundraiser details

With humble hearts we are here again asking for donations.  Having a special needs child brings all kinds of challenges but if I could have one wish would be that everyone who needs money for any medial need could have it.   Of course as the mother of a daughter with a TMI or a traumatic brain injury, which is usually just categorized as cerebral palsy, I hold a special place in my heart for all children and adults who have had a TMI or cerebral palsy.   I am part of a Facebook cerebral palsy family group and getting funding for our kiddos is something all of us families struggle with on a daily basis.  In a perfect world all of our kiddos needs would be paid for by insurance, or we would just have enough money to pay for everything ourselves. In a not so perfect world we find ourselves reaching out over and over again asking for donations.  Do I like asking for money? No, I actually hate it, and struggle with it constantly.  I want to be able to pay for all of her needs ourselves.  But, until we can do that we are again reaching out and relying on each of you, our amazing friends and family to help Briseis reach her funding goals yet again so that she can improve the quality her of life. One of the moms in my Facebook CP group is always saying, "Impossible is Nothing."  She keeps alot of us going because she has such a positive attitude most all the time. And she's right.  Last year when I posted that our goal was to raise $18,500 for one year of ABR therapy, I SERIOUSLY never imagined actually being able to do it.  The year before that when we were raising about $4,000 I never expected to be able to do that either.  But we did.  I'm still in awe that it actually happened.  And we have all of you to thank for it.  It took such a load of stress off of my plate knowing that she would have a whole year of ABR paid for all at once. This year, in addition to the $18,500 that she needs for another year to keep her ABR therapy going she also has other needs at this time.  I talk about those needs in more detail in the latest update I posted on July 28th, 2015. But to keep it simple on this post I will list the other things we are also raising money for at this time.

1.  $2000 for a wheel chair elevator/lift so that we can get Briseis into the house without having to carry her in by Oct, 2015.  (GOAL ACHIEVED)

2. $2000 for travel expenses to Galveston Texas for SMPL surgery on Sept 30th, 2015.  Insurance should pay for the surgery so all we will need is travel expense money. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

 3. $18,000 to be able to continue her ABR therapy for another year.  This therapy is paid for in full until December 2015, anything after that we will need to raise money for. (Goal Achieved for 2015)

4.  In the future we will be raising money for a Wheel Chair Acessible van.

5. . As I've talked about in more detail in my July 28, 2015, update we will be out at the fair again this year giving train rides to raise money.  We will also be holding a 50/50 raffle at Tractor Pull and the Rodeo.  Sometime near the beginning of August we also plan on selling cabbage burgers.   For anyone who would rather make a tax deductible donation, funds for Briseis can be sent to OWL unlimited , under Briseis' name (Briseis Beccaria Young) located at 151 S 6th St, Worland Wy 82401.  Phone - 307-347-3535 We look forward to seeing any of you who live in Worland at the fair and send the rest of our family and friends LOTS of LOVE and hope to see you soon!

Below is Briseis' story that I posted in her 2013 year's fundraiser.... During labor with Briseis something happened at the end and Briseis was not getting the oxygen that she needed. When she was born, she was blue and non-responsive. CPR was performed on her and a minute or so later she started breathing and pinked up. Her Apgar scores went from a 1 to a 7. It seemed like she was in the clear. However, three hours after birth the trauma from not having enough oxygen must have been too much on her little system and her brain hemorrhaged. Because of the brain hemorrhage she was severely brain injured mostly in the mid-brain section. This is the part of the brain that has much to do with motor functions. Because of her brain injury she has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Although she understands everything just like any 8 year old, because of her brain injury she cannot roll, crawl, walk or talk. She is also 100% tube fed because she does not have the proper muscle performance to get her food to go down the correct tube with out aspirating. She also experiences seizures. After hours of google searching and thousands of dollars spent on every doctor her mother could find that might be able to help Briseis, her father happened to come across a blog of a family that was currently using the ABR therapy on their son. The changes that their son had experienced were nothing short of miraculous. At the time, Briseis was about 8 months old, and her family quickly signed her up for the first training and trip to Montreal Canada. Briseis was able to be apart of this amazing therapy consistently for about a year and a half until her family found it necessary to move to Wyoming from New Hampshire. Since then her family has been unable to come up with necessary funds to keep the therapy going. ABR or Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation, is an amazing alternative therapy that insurance does not yet recognize or pay for. The cost of the therapy training is $3,000 every six months plus the cost of plane tickets, hotel for 5 or 6 nights, car rental, food and any other expenses incurred during the trip. While at each therapy training, Briseis is re-evaluated and given a new set of therapy exercises to have done on her during the following 6 months. Her mother and aid are each trained on how to perform the therapy on Briseis. Ideally, 3 or more hours of therapy should be performed on a daily basis. ABR's main office and training location is in Montreal Canada, however there are also several Satellite training areas held at different locations through out the the United States. The next one Briseis will need to go to will be held in Sacramento, CA, In December 2015. With ABR therapy Briseis has been able to experience many miraculous permanent structural changes that have greatly benefited her quality of life.  The following is also found on ABR's website in the FAQ section.  "Normal structure is necessary for normal functionality. ABR assessment demonstrates tangible and obvious deficiency of the musculoskeletal system of CP child structure, which limit any progress of the childs motor development. All these structural deficiencies are objective facts visible, palpable, measurable , which remain the same whether it is demonstrated through ABR assessment or whether it was demonstrated somewhere else. All the existent rehabilitation methods for brain injured children take structural abnormality for granted, considering musculoskeletal structure irreparable. The focus of existent rehabilitation methods is how to put existent musculoskeletal abnormality to better functional use. However, any motor function based on abnormal structure is very limited, unpredictable and deteriorates in time. ABR experience proves that musculoskeletal structure is reparable. ABR techniques are capable of reversing the structuring abnormalities and building the normal quality of muscular (muscles, tendons etc.) and skeletal elements (joints, bones etc.) ABR treatment is what we suggest as a solution for these structural impairments. Within our proposed ABR program, ABR live assessments and tangible comparison files capture the condition of the musculoskeletal structure every 6 months and allows you to compare and appreciate the improvements and evolution of the structural impairments."  The following link will show some before and after pictures of other children in the program.   Help spread the word to all of Briseis' family and friends all around the country. If everyone can get involved with a moderately sized gift, collectively we can make a big difference in the quality of life for Briseis, and possibly even see her talk or crawl or even walk someday. Thank You EVERYONE for your support.

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