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Have you ever met one of those kids? You know, the ones with smiles that light up a room, contagious laughter, deep old soul eyes.

I have the blessing of have one of those kids for a son. His name is Henry and he's the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. Henry is 3 now, going on 4 on Nov. 13. Now let me tell you alitt.w more about this little one. By the age of 2 I started noticing things out of the ordinary. Lining toys up, repeating words but really talking, muscle spams, etc. I waited a bit before I took him in to the doctor, about a year. During that year, the tantrums started. And boy let me tell you, these were no ordinary tantrums And then came the diagnosis. Level 2 mild/moderate autism with language impairment. Our life has been a whirlwind of therapies, appointments, evaluations. I honestly don't know how I'm doing this as a full time mom and mother of 2. Honestly, no idea. All I do know is that my son deserves the world. This sweet, funny, happy little guy deserves something. I can't change his diagnosis (nor would I want to), but what I can do is find him a friend. Someone he can talk to, be safe with, play with, love him unconditionally, grow with him, be there for him when he is scared in this very loud, busy world. I can find him a puppy. Back to the problem. I'm a single mother saving money for a service dog, I'm doing this alone. I can't do this alone. I need your help. By giving my son a little piece of your world, you're creating a better, more comfortable world for years to come. You creating happiness in a child.
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