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Emily Aldrich's family and friends are uniting to raise money to help with her care for the deliberate poisoning of her dog Hammy...

Emily rescued Hammy almost 2 years ago and they've been in Love ever since "she is my best friend and my kid".  Hammy aka "The Hambone" woke Emily up to go outside January 22nd about 3:30 am.  Half asleep Emily noticed she was eating something and didn't think anything of it and went back inside to sleep with her (she thought it was her usual stick).  Within 15 minutes Hammy started having a seizure.  She picked her up and put her in the car and grabbed what she had eaten.  What she had ingested was meat in a zip-lock bag mixed with gopher poison (strychnine).  At the hospital (United Emergency Animal Clinic in Campbell, CA right outside San Jose, CA)  Hammy continued to have multiple seizures.  Emily her Mom and Step-Dad witnessed Hammy go into full cardiac arrest, her heart stopped, she was dead for over a min.  The doctor's (they were amazing) revived her and had Emily sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) waiver... Emily selflessly made that decision because of the pain she was enduring and how the overall quality of her life would be.  When I arrived (I'm the foster mom Kristy) Hammy was on oxygen, heart monitor, IV's you name it and she was unresponsive.  Emily and her family didn't leave her side (the staff was awesome) and the let us all camp out beside her.  They removed the oxygen and she slowly started getting better.  They had her on a Toxin-reverser.  Well this Miracle Dog "woke up" around 2:00 and continued to amaze the Vets.  They had never seen a dog ingest that much poison never mind survive it.  San Jose Animal Control is currently investigating this crime. Emily did not ask for me to start this fundraiser she's a "strong woman" (Hammy's just like her) I took it upon myself.  This deliberate act has caused irreversible pain for Emily, and "the Hambone".  People coming together and just sharing a little bit will help heal they're spirits.  Thank you so much for your time...

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