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The family and friends of Jamie Lashley are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against leukemia. Please show your support!

Jamie Lashley is the 48 year old mother of 2 sweet daughters. She has worked for the US Postal Service for 20 years delivering mail in Daviston, Alabama. She is beautiful, funny, loyal, resilient, strong-willed, hard-working, and a wonderful mom. Back in March, our world came crashing down. Jamie had a sinus infection that kept lingering longer than normal, and she was bruising easily. After antibiotics did not cure her sinus infections, she was a little concerned, but didn't think it was too big of a deal because all of the women in our family have had chronic sinus infections our entire life. A couple of days went by and Jamie came from work on a Wednesday and began to have chest pain. She ended up going to the ER the next day to figure out what was going on. They took routine blood work and immediately realized something was very wrong. Her white blood counts were through the roof and they suspected leukemia. More tests were run the next day at East Alabama, then they transferred her to UAB, where, on March 26, 2012, she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). AML is an extremely aggressive disease that can progress very quickly if not treated immediately. For that reason, she started chemotherapy 2 days after her diagnosis. She was at UAB for 5 weeks straight and chemo for leukemia is very very aggressive. Jamie had severe side effects but she is a tough cookie so she made it through the first round of chemo. At her 30-day checkup, they did a bone marrow biopsy, and we got the great news that she was in remission! That's exactly the news we wanted, because we were praying that she would get cleared to receive a bone marrow transplant. Because of the type of AML that she has, there is a high chance of relapse, so her best chance for survival is the bone marrow transplant. She just underwent her 2nd round of chemo, and she will have to continue chemotherapy for 1 week out of the month, every month until the transplant occurs. Last week, we found out the AMAZING news that Jamie's sister, Judy, is a perfect bone marrow donor match!. So this should speed up the process and she should be able to get the bone marrow transplant within the next couple of months. Praise God!

This is where we need your help. Jamie is the sole provider for her household and she can't bear the burden alone and keep up with all of the expenses that are coming her way. If you all didn't know this (because I didn't), when a tragedy like this happens, you can file FMLA which will allow you to keep your job for a certain time period, but you do NOT get paid at all. The only pay you can get is any unused vacation or sick time (which is what she has been using for the last 2 months). Jamie will not be able to work for 1 year or more. She will actually have to live in Birmingham near UAB Hospital for 3 months after she receives the bone marrow transplant, and incur expenses while there. Her prescriptions are also very costly, and she has a daughter in high school she still has to support by herself. We need your help in easing some of the stress in her life because money is the last thing she needs to be worried about right now. Any amount is truly appreciated from the bottom of her heart.

I will be posting periodic updates on Jamie's condition here on the GiveForward site.

*Very important* Please know that this site is highly secure and reputable, so you can feel safe using your credit card. However, if you have any questions or would like to donate by sending a check through the mail or donating directly to a bank account we have set up for Jamie at First Bank in Wadley, or any other way outside of GiveForward, I can definitely arrange that as well.

Also, this GiveForward site sends the donations at the end of the fundraiser when the goal has been reached. We want to raise about $20,000 but I am going to start at $10,000 and then once we reach that goal, I will start another fundraiser (so that we don't have to wait until we reach 20K for Jamie to recieve the donations). Our goal is to raise 10,000 in one month or sooner! I know we can do it!

I am going to manage this site for now, because as I mentioned Jamie is recovering from her 2nd round of chemo, and will have a rough next few days of bad side effects. She does have the login for this site and will be logging on daily to read your donations and messages (there is a link called "hugs" and you can write her a note).

Thank you SO VERY much and please contact me with any questions!

Autumn Michalski
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