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This is the Gavin Nisbett LCH fund. The funds raised will be used for Gavin's Medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Gavin, now 5 1/2, was recently re-admitted due to a new tumor that has been found on his right femur. His Doctors have reviewed the situation and decided on a multi prong approach. The first is that he'll receive radiation therapy for 5 days starting July 30th until August 3rd. The other prong consists implanting another portacath so we can begin a 1 year treatment of chemotherapy which is a cocktail of 3 different drugs.

This isn't Gavin's first encounter with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Gavin was initially diagnosed when he was 4 years old back in February of 2011. The whole thing came about because Gavin started complaining of pain in his left leg. It would come and go and the pain would vary between mild and severe. His pediatrician initially thought it might be Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She recommended we go to Seattle Children's to talk to some experts. So we schedule a visit up to Seattle, not knowing what to expect.

First we find out that they don't think it's JRA. They want to do a different scan than the X-ray they did before as they had noticed a slight discoloration at the very edge of the X-ray they did before. So an MRI scan later and they certainly see a mass. The current expert says it's most likely a cancer. They need to schedule a biopsy to confirm.

Biopsy day comes and we go to talk to the Dr. performing the surgery beforehand. He has taken a look at Gavin's scans. He thinks there is only a 50% chance of it being cancer and the other option is something called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Thus the first mention of the affliction that actually ails Gavin. So while Gavin goes under for surgery, mom and dad are pins and needles waiting to hear the news. His Dr. comes out and pulls us into a small room. IT'S NOT CANCER! We breathe a huge sigh of relief. They were able to scrape out the tumor that they found and Gavin will need to begin Chemo to wipe any remnant from his body.

We schedule to get a portacath implanted in Gavin so he can begin his 6 months of Chemo treatment. The next 6 months flies by and before we know it he's receiving his last round of Chemo. So we schedule some new scans to confirm that there's no more LCH. Scans are done and victory! Gavin gets a clean bill of health. We are exalted and schedule to get his portacath removed.

A few weeks pass by and one night Gavin gets a big bonk on his head while playing on his bed with his little brother Ethan. A few days later he starts complaining of neck pain. Thinking that this is due to the accident, we go ahead and schedule a scan to get it checked out. They find another tumor, this one is now in his neck. We are devastated. Another appointment is scheduled with Seattle. While waiting for the appointment Gavin deteriorates. One day he has massive problems breathing and so we take him to the ER. Many hours later and Gavin now has a neck brace to help support his neck so he can properly breathe.

Gavin and Daddy make the trip to Seattle sans Mommy. Mommy is now full term with our 3rd baby boy, Mason. During the Seattle appointment Gavin's Dr.s decide to go with radiation treatment for his neck and to start the following Monday. As Daddy and Gavin head back home they inform Mommy of the plan. She makes the decision to go into early labor, which wasn't actually early as she was already full term. So 6 hours after Gavin and dad get home, baby Mason is born. Daddy has a short couple of days to get to know Mason before heading off to Seattle for a week. Sunday rolls around with Mommy and Mason getting to come home. Gavin gets a few hours to meet Mason while Daddy packs for a week away.

The week of treatment goes by and is relatively uneventful. Gavin does a fabulous job and comes home with a mask of his face that they used to pinpoint the exact spot for radiation each day.

Two and a half months transpire. During this time Gavin is a normal 5 year old. He does swim class, he plays with his friends, he horses around with his 3 year old brother and cousins, he's normal. Then one night he wakes up crying with pain. Daddy races in to find out what's wrong and Gavin complains saying his leg hurts real bad. Daddy gets the pain medication and asks Gavin how long ago this started happening. A few days he says. So then Mommy schedules to see the pediatrician who recommends an MRI. We are crushed again, another tumor has been found which brings us to the beginning of this saga.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and any donation you can offer is greatly appreciated. We have high hopes that this year of chemo will finally get Gavin healthy and ready to be a completely normal 5 year old. Your contribution helps alleviate some of the stress associated with this and allows us to focus more on Gavin's well being.

I'd like to take a minute to thank a few people for their invaluable support:

  • Lisa Jenssen (Nana): Thank you for your visit and all the nights you took care of Mason. We also appreciate all the gifts and can't wait for you to move back.
  • Gareth & Michelle Nisbett: Your help with getting Gavin setup with starting School and all the help with the house is greatly appreciated.
  • Stephanie Edmondson: Your selflessness to help us at a moment's notice is not lost on us. You of all people understand adversity and how much having family as support makes a difference. We feel the same and you're always welcome over whenever you want.
  • Caressa, Corlea, and Cadence: Even though you can be a giant pain some days, I know you have good hearts and your Aunt Jenny really appreciates when you help out.
  • Lockheed Martin (Richland Office): There are so many people here who have been supportive of our circumstances from day one that it means a lot to us. The desire to help in any way is not lost on us and it makes us appreciate Duncan's co-workers that much more.
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