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10/12/11 UPDATE:
Still no lab results. This fundraiser ends today if you would still like to donate. Unfortunately, I have to close the page in order to receive funds to pay Stewies medical bills. As I have mentioned, we aren't done yet!
Stewie s still hugely under weight since his episode a week ago today. He needs a recheck and further lab work pending the current test. Im keeping him safe from even the smallest injury so he doesnt bleed out again.
Please help if you can!!
10/10/11 UPDATE:
Steiws pcv was 26% on Saturday. Up from 21% when he left the hospital. Normal is 37%-55% for a dog, so hes slowly improving. No word on the lab results yet. If this test comes back negative, we are back to square one with no diagnosis. The next test is $300!
He seems to be in better spirits although he is still sleeping a lot. I, on the other hand, am exhausted! I dont think I've slept in a week!
I am still fundraising while we wait for a diagnosis to treat. Until then, I think I need to get Stewie a body suit made of bubble wrap to prevent any minor injuries that will cause more bleeding!
10/8/11, UPDATE:
STEWIE IS HANGING IN THERE! He's going back to the doctor later today for more bloodwork to check his red blood cell count. He is eating minimally, and tries to get around. Both of his rear legs are swollen and bruised, so I can only imagine how painful he must be!
Still no lab results back from Cornell yet so we don't know the cause of his bleeding. There is no known date for his recovery OR if he will even recover, until we have a diagnosis. I am still fund-raising!

10/6/11, 9:00 pm UPDATE:
Stewie is home with me. Ollie (my 13yo dog), was literally dancing, he was soooo excited to see him!! I just about cried. It was the sweetest thing ever!!
Stewie still a guarded prognosis. Waiting on more lab tests and needs to be seen tomorrow or Saturday for more bloodwork depending on how hes doing, as he may still go downhill..As of now, the internist is thinking its a congenital blood disorder. We will know the results in about 4 days. Things are moving slowly due to the lack of funds, so we are doing one test at a time. I am forever grateful for the donations Stewie has received so far! THANK YOU!!!

5:00 PM UPDATE:NO LEG INJURY. HES BLEEDING OUT. As you all know, animals are my PASSION. I was recently injured at work and now my little dog Stewie(a rescue) is in need of medical care.
Stewie has had a leg injury for the past 24 hours and his gums and now pale pink to pale. My large dog tripped over him on Monday. I am a veterinary technician that specializes in emergency care and have also worked for years in rescue.I have never had an issue caring for my pets before!
I know that initially Stewie will need x-rays and lab work as he may have a fracture and internal bleeding. This could lead to hospitilzation, or even surgery! I have been caring for him to the best of my ability at home with pain medications but am concerned that he is not getting better. He was eating until yesterday but has refused food and water today.
I need to have him seen as soon as possible.
Please let me know if you can help!

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