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Funds raised for Robert (Bob) Smith will be used to cover medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. He is a courageous fighter!

GiveForward is an amazing home for sharing stories of courage, heart, perseverance, fight and hope.

My Dad, Bob Smith, embodies all of those qualities and is living proof of the power of positive thinking and a strong support group.

In 2008, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and given less than one year to live. Nearly three years later, he’s still with us thanks to his drive, the love and support of family and friends, great doctors and treatments that have made a significant difference.

Unfortunately, Dad’s courageous fight takes more than heart…it requires funds…funds up until now we have been able to provide, but is not limitless. This is where I’m hoping you can help.

***Bob’s Diagnosis***

Dad began his cancer fight in 2008. While a diagnosis of stage 4 Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma did not instill a sense of optimism in our family, we decided to put forth a brave face and come what may.

We didn’t expect so much “may” to come.

Two weeks after diagnosis and a PET Scan, we received more devastating news. We discovered that cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes in the neck and there was a tumor in his chest. That changed his stage from 4 to 4C, which is the last stage of the last stage. His oncologist said he would be happy to get Dad even a year survival time, considering how advanced the cancer was, considering average survival time was 6-7 months.

***Bob’s Fight***

That was nearly three years ago. Stage 4 cancer is a tough battle to fight, let alone overcome and my dad has been an incredible fighter throughout this whole ordeal. He sought out alternative treatments after he became so ill from traditional chemotherapy that he thought the treatments would kill him.

As part of the super strong Go Bob! support group, I’m always researching and looking for information that will help in his fight. One such discovery was a book called Cancer Free. It required extreme determination and will-power to follow the required regimen to keep the cancer under control. He followed this program for a year and had great results. The cancer stabilized and he had great quality of life. His determination amazed everyone – the program required a level of diligence that would try the patience of a monk! Everyone said "we just couldn't do that", but he did, every day. In September of 2010 he walked 9 miles in a race. Farther than anyone else!

In addition to a special cancer free diet, he received corrective chiropractic care to keep his immune system at maximized fighting condition.

***A Change (Not for the Better)***

Last October we noticed a change in his energy level and that he seemed to be having trouble enjoying life as he had. After a CT Scan was done, we were told the cancer had spread around and into his right lung. It had now also invaded the C4 and C5 cervical vertebra.

While his oncologist pointed out that Bob has been more successful with his cancer fight than anyone could have ever suspected, he said that there was nothing that could be done to continue his fight for life.

According to the doctor, chemo treatments were no longer feasible. All they could offer was some radiation to keep the tumor from closing off his airway. There was nothing more they could do to prolong his life.
For the first time, we felt like we had nowhere to turn… Dad was tired and morale was low. Giving up has never been an option in our family, but we were starting to feel like we had fought the good fight and needed to move our planning to a stage we didn’t dare think of.
At around that point, Dr. T.J. Osborne, my Dad’s wonderful chiropractor, suggested we seek the advice of Dr. Forsythe at the Century Wellness Clinic in Nevada. We still had hope! Mom and Dad went there earlier this year and results have been amazing! The advanced treatments have been very successful in stabilizing the cancer growth. Dr. Forsythe uses the best of Western and alternative treatments to fight every cancer cell in the body.

***Go Bob!***

My father’s fight continues, but so do the medical bills. While you can’t put a price tag on survival, Dad’s cancer battle has a financial cost that we will do just about anything to meet. Unfortunately our health insurance carrier has informed us that these treatments are not covered under our health plan. So, all of the expenses ($28,000) so far have been paid for out of pocket. For Dad to keep fighting, we are hoping to proceed with treatment over the next four months, at an estimated cost of $36,000 and more.

I would do just about anything to keep my Daddy alive. You have read this far…for that, I thank you. I know that with the right treatment he can fight this, and I hope you can help us.
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