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Mom desperately needs a roof on her home. She has for nearly 8 years.

I am looking anonymously during this season of giving for people to help my Mom with putting a roof on her home. She is a single mother to both me (22) and my sister (12). She has never received child support for either of us with the exception of the first few years of my life. Mom raised both me and my sister on her own putting us both through private school and me through private college. I have graduated with my Bachelor's degree but have been unsuccessful in finding a full time job in any field, let alone the field I studied. I am living on my own and supporting myself and wish I could help Mom but I just can't right now. Mom lost her job in January 2010. She was able to collect unemployment while she looked for work and she lived on her savings while continuing to put me and my sister through private schools. She always did without so that my sister and I had the very best education possible. My Mom married in 2004 and in 2007, her husband sent us on a trip to visit our family 1000 miles from home. While we were gone, her husband left. When we came home, we found that he had taken everything, even drained their joint bank accounts. When they married, they bought a house. They knew at that time it needed a new roof and the roof that was on there needed to be stripped off. When he left her in 2007, they still hadn't been able to put the roof on. Within 3 months of her husband leaving her, she found out that the house was in foreclosure due to not being paid for nearly 6 months. Her car was reposessed for not being paid in 3 months. She became very depressed but still marched on. I went off to college in 2008 and she settled her divorce settlement in December of that year. In the settlement, the judge awarded her the house. Three years later in June of 2011, her battle with the mortgage company came to an end and she finally was able to save the house through a loan modification. Her mortgage was a little higher but she was determined to keep the house to finish raising my sister in. When he left, Mom worked even more. She saved some money between 2007 and 2010 when she lost her job. Her goal was to make enough to replace the roof and still have $1000 as a buffer in her savings. When she lost her job, she was forced to live off her savings. The savings dwindled fast and though she rationed very well, it is all gone. Last year, Mom landed in the hospital for ten days with multiple blood clots in both of her lungs. She was severely overweight and though they couldn't find a cause for the blood clots, she knew she had to exercise more. She started eating healthy and exercising daily. In exercising, a month later, she ruptured two discs in her back. This left her right leg very weak and numb at times. While trying to recover, she has suffered numerous setbacks from falls and nerve damage. Though she lost 100 pounds on her own, her doctors recommended disability, due to her nerve damage, muscle weakness and chronic pain.  This is something Mom fought against. She wants to go back to work. She has put in the application for disability but she is still actively looking for work that will accomodate her disabilities. Mom still needs a roof. The shingles have fallen off in places. Ice storms and wind storms have added to the disrepair. There are spots in the ceiling inside where there is a little water damage, only small stains but enough to worry about, especially with the winter fast approaching. My mother has sacrificed for not only her children but also in helping other family members who have fallen on hard times and needed free childcare or a small loan here and there that never got paid back. Mom never really expected it, but she still helped when she could. I would ask friends and family but most are aware of the situation and none have helped. I also don't want my mother's pride to get in the way. She would never admit to people she knows and loves that she needs help, especially with such a big project. My hope is that there are some good samaritans out there that can come together to help my mother put a roof on her house. She has already had the insurance company come out and give her a warning to get the roof repaired or they would drop her, I don't want her to lose her insurance coverage or her home to disrepair. If there is anyone out there who can assist with this I would be forever grateful and so would my mother. In fact, my mother would do everything possible to try to pay the money back when she found out. I have spoken to my sister who has ADHD about Christmas not being what she is used to and though she says she understands, it will be very different for her. I hope she will see the importance of the roof and how it is the biggest gift she and Mom could ever get. Thank you for reading our story. God Bless. P.S. I do not have a photo of the roof as I live 6 hours away. Even if cash isn't an option, paying a roofing company or Lowes directly would be an option. Her roof is 33 squares and needs to be stripped of the previous two roofs already on there.

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