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Please help baby Nash William with his Spina Bifida medical expenses. Paypal Address:

When I was 14 weeks pregnant the doctor suspected my baby had a neural-tube defect. Even though she was not 100% sure she asked us if we wanted to continue the pregnany. Ending the pregnancy was never an option for us. I was devestated. At 16weeks it was confirmed that my sweet baby had Spina Bifida. We had to have an amniocenteses to rule out other "problems". My baby was also diagnosed with club feet, a Chiari Malformation and Enlarged ventricles. We researched a new in utero surgery for Spina Bifida. Our family, church and community raised enough money for us to go to Nashville's childrens hospital and have the in utero surgery. My baby was just 22 weeks along & they said it was possible I would go into labor during surgery & that if I did they would not even try to resistate. Another heartbreaking decision. The surgery had many risks but many benefits. We decided to have the surgery knowing the good lord would protect us. The downside was our insurance did not cover it. We now have huge medical bills in excess of 70,000.00 and growing. Our baby was 4 weeks premature & had to stay in the NICU for 15 days. He has a severe case of club feet that we have been casting since he was 3 weeks old. He also has hip dysplasia, and may have a neurogenic bladder (testing ongoing). We have to have him monitored for the rest of his life because Spina Bifida "problems" sometimes show up years later. Please help with anything you can. Our baby is named Nash because how special Nashville is to us and William bc Hank Williams Sr also had Spina Bifida (a milder case). My baby is destined to be someone great! Please help him acheive that by getting the necessary medical procedures he needs done. This whole process has been so hard and emotionally taxing. You never expect anything to ever happen to your children. Right now our home is in foreclosure. I am a medical assistant currently unemployed because my baby needs me. We have another son who is 3 and I have 2 children from a previous marriage. My fiance was hit by a forklift at work so he has been out of work and on workmans comp since June. We have always been the type of people to help others. At first I was too proud to ask for help because we never have, but my children are more important than pride...THAN ANYTHING. So I ask, I beg, please help us. God Bless you.

Update: Due to the casts for club feet Nash now has a "bowed tibia". Doctor said it should straighten out on its own but it has not so now we have to see if he needs surgery on it or what needs to be done. He will be getting all his testing for bladder, tethered Spinal Cord, hips,ventricles, etc now that hes at the 6 month check point. Nash has two teeth on the bottom and hes so chubby! Nash is a very happy baby. Our page has been viewed over 2000 times but we only had 4 donors.Please help us, even $1.00 donations add up.
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