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Kaylin has been battling health issues since 2007 she was diagnosed with ALL leukemia and relapsed had a bone marrow transplant and relapsed and had a double cord transplant and is cancer free.

But from all the treatments she has suffered kidney damage and is on Dialysis 3 to 4 days a week and we have to drive 62 miles each way to Seattle Children's to receive her treatment. We need a reliable vehicle to get there and back. I am a single Mom unable to work as I have to take care of Kaylin. I need to fix my Van it wont start unless it gets a jump and needs an alignment and tires. I was told it needs an alternator battery and possibly a fuel pump.if we dont get these things fixed we would end up staying in seattle at the Ronald Mcdonald house and Kaylin is really upset that might happen she has stayed in Seattle way to much in the past and really wants to be home with her dogs. Please help a little girl to be able to stay home. She has went through so much and still is going through alot.
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