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A courageous story of a woman beating the odds to live at home. An amazing journey of compassion. This is the story of Lizbeth C. Granfield

Lizbeth is a blast, she’s funny and loves to laugh. She is an independent thinking, thoughtful, generous and compassionate woman, veteran, teacher and mother of two that is living with Huntington’s disease, a progressive, incurable genetic disorder. Liz lost both her dad Robert and her brother Mark to the disease. Both her Dad and her Brother spent the last ten years of their lives in the hospital receiving assistance with bathing, dressing and eating. You can help Lizbeth to live with freedom at home while she still can.  Lizbeth has been home from the hospital for four and a half years now And we’re in need of resources to keep Liz at home and are asking for help.  

   Every dollar we raise will go to caregivers or handicapping the bathroom or a new handicap ramp. There is some urgency to our plea. Only one in four people with Huntington’s disease even get the chance to live at home. Let me explain about Huntington’s disease. It is a progressive disease which means Liz will never get any better than she is doing right now. It breaks down the tissue in the brain and then you lose that function. The fact that Lizbeth has so much courage in facing this disease is astounding but Lizbeth needs more care now. 

   Hugs around the world for Lizbeth (Lizbeth Clinton Granfield) is not only a great way to raise the money we need to help Lizbeth, But also a special way to share her compelling story. Anyone that knows Lizbeth knows that her spirit is strong and that her hugs are plentiful. Even though Lizbeth has some trouble speaking, her story speaks loudly. Liz was the winner of her sixth grade spelling bee, she was a high school athlete and President of her class, worked at the bank during high school, Joined rotc at Boston college and served as a finance officer in the Army. And after her service she went on to get her masters in teaching at Lesley collage while raising two children and going to see her brother Mark at the hospital almost every weekend for ten years. A New York Times best selling author came to interview Liz. And Liz’s name will be mentioned in an upcoming new book on neurological diseases.

 This is our chance to keep Lizbeth home with her now extended family of caregivers including her dog Dexter for her remaining years. Liz likes to say, “Dog is God spelled backwards” I hope you feel the unconditional love Liz has for people and animals. Lizbeth is also the best listener I have ever met. But life happens and not everyone can reach into his or her pockets to give. But you could also use your word of mouth and your voice via facebook, twitter and Emails ect. Let’s send “Hugs around the world for Lizbeth” as far and as wide as our voices will reach and please give what you can. 

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