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The people who love Joe are uniting to raise money to help Joe pay off medical expenses after years of battling cancer!

Several years ago Joe began his battle with lung cancer. His doctors gave him a year to live, and was told to prepare for the worst. Being the fighter that Joe is, he pressed on with medical treatment, and by a miracle, he went into remission. He stumped his doctors, family, and friends with his suprising recovery. But his recovery came with a cost.......a mountain of medical bills.

Joe has an older brother, Myron, who he cares for as well. When Myron was a child he became ill with spinal meningitis. This left him with brain damage and he now requires many special needs. He has epilepsy, and due to his many learning disabilities, is now out of work. This has left him with many medical bills as well, with no insurance to cover them. Joe is Myron's caregiver and is stuggling now not only to pay his own cancer expenses, but the expenses of his brother.

In 2010, Joe fell asleep at the wheel of his car on his 2 hour drive home from work, and broke his neck. This required a lot of hospital time, and many surgeries to repair the damage. Joe was unable to work for this time, and the medical expenses continued to grow. He has thankfully recovered from this accident.

With his history of cancer, his car accident, and providing care to his brother, Joe is desperately struggling to survive. His income is not enough to pull himself out of the mountain of medical debt that has become his life. His house is going into forclosure, he is months behind on all his bills, his car is on it's last leg, an no bank will give him a loan.

Joe is a wonderful person who always offers a hand to anyone in need, but now he is the one in need, and he needs your help. Please help me in raising money to help Joe get his life back together and be able to support the needs of himself as well as his brother.

God bless.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a family representative please contact Ashley Miller at 610-763-9432.
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