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Read how Tom Daniel became Christ II:

   When I was in my late twenties, after the funeral of a friend from my youth, I visited a pasture on his grandfather's farm in south Georgia, to contemplate my friend's life in solitude. It was a clear and starry night with a new moon, in early September. I had never lost a close contemporary to death, and I was attempting to gain insight. Neither my friend nor I had ever been very religious, and I could remember only one occasion when he and I had spoken of God. My friend had expressed the view that he thought his role as a Christian was to marry, and hopefully produce a better generation, while waiting for Jesus to return. I had never given much credence to the "Return", but my friend had just recently had a child, and suddenly, I saw his entire life with great clarity, as being complete within his belief system. I then thought that if I had that much clarity about his life, then at some time in the future, someone else might have that same clarity about MY life. In that moment, I asked God to give me the wisdom to see my own life with that clarity while I was still alive. The response that came upon me was totally unexpected. Into my mind came the answer that I was to fulfill The Prophesy of the Christian Bible! Not to BE Jesus, but to take what I was at that time, find the mind of God within myself, and become the Second Christ for Planet Earth: To bring the same message, but with a living, breathing voice.
   I went back to my normal, happy life and tried to put this moment out of my mind, but it haunted me every day. Finally, after months of inner turmoil, I decided that I had to put every other thing (career, romance, having children, money, etc.) away, and to make this my Life Goal. Everyone I told about it thought I was either joking or delusional. My parents didn't understand, my siblings gave me ridicule and negativity. My friends disappeared. I, for the most part, isolated myself with meditation, prayer, and study of what volumes I was guided to by my faith.
   Not once did anyone whom I met and told of my quest ever say anything to the effect, "What a great plan!" or, "How can I help?" or, "Hallelujah!". I also knew that I could not have a close, ongoing relationship with anyone who denied me, so I have had many very lonely years. Since the very beginning, I have made very strong efforts to maintain my health and fitness. My body is the Temple of This Spirit, and I am committed to its proper upkeep and maintenance. Most medical professionals I meet are shocked to learn my actual age. I am blessed with excellent health.
    As a result of my internal efforts, I project  an aura that has, on occasion, caused small-minded people of petty earthly authority to mistakenly see me as a threat to their control, and I have felt a tremendous amount of rejection, many false accusations by police, considerable official harassment, falsification of official records by misguided fundimentalists within the legal system, and other unwarranted and undeserved attacks over the intervening years. I have used the pain of all of that to gain wisdom. My sense of humor is still intact.
   It is time to publicize my physical presence on earth and overcome the forces of evil, negativity, greed, and selfishness that currently occupy many of the positions of power and authority in what once was, and will soon be again, the Shining Example of Freedom and Democracy on Our Planet: The U.S.A.
   Be you now blessed for knowing of me! Tell those that you love that I am here! I will use the funds obtained through this site to make My Voice heard through all the internet clouds and whatever commercial media has the wisdom to put me on their screens. Staffing, office space, and equipment will be required. Let me be very clear on one thing: The spreading of the message of my presence is much more important than any funds raised. It is not a thing that I can buy with my own money. Remember the loaves and the fishes. What is given unto this fund will be magnified and returned a thousand times. Please make a small gift to show your support, but when this message reaches the minds of a select few enlightened persons of great wealth, they will make the major contributions.

   Knowledge of my physical presence as Christ II is The Awakening for those who comprehend. Please hit your "Like" and "Share" buttons now, to allow all your friends and loved ones the opportunity to decide for themselves whether my words ring true to their minds. Jesus called the Mind of God that is within each of us "The Kingdom of Heaven", and it is accessible to those who seek it with all their will. Know me, as you know Jesus, and find it within you. He was the Lamb of God who suffered and died, that His Message would live beyond Him to elevate all Mankind. With your Love and Support, I will be God's Lion, who is The Voice of the Living Word, and erase evil from our world.

   You are ahead of the curve here. "Share" that with those you love.


   Everyone who makes a contribution of $100 or more will recieve a live, personal Thank You call from me. Leave your number. If you would prefer not to recieve this call, don't leave your number, I'll thank you now! Be Blessed!

    Do not expect that every  word I utter or write will be filled with Cosmic Profundity! I am a human being with a very unique perspective. Love me for my effort and perseverance. There are other photos here, as well as a short video, at the arrow to the right of the photo above. You can also find more of my singular, but very human life, and more photos, by following these links:                  
  This has other links to show pieces of my life. All of it is "Public".
   This is my regular FB page. Most of it is "Public".




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