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paying it forward to other fellow cancer survivors.

This fundraising page may be in my name, but this is to benefit all young adults dealing with cancer, who need help, don't know what to do, who to turn to, or just want to talk to others to see what's in store. Please donate whatever you can spare so that others can attend this year. $1, $5, $ 25 or whatever you can it doessn't matter. If you considered giving me a birthday present, DON'T! ***Donate here instead!!*** Your money will go to a much better cause!  A portion of your donations will go toward to helping send a follow young cancer survivor attend a camping trip. 

Jesennia, a single mother of 5 beautiful children, worked as emergency responder. She is also a caring and hardworking mother that would help anyone in the world if she could. In the aftermath of 9/11 she was one of the workers that helped out in the recovery and response for 9 months of working at ground zero. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 6/20/2006. 

In Summer of 2012 I was lucky enough to halt treatment for a whle and go on a week long camping trip. This week was life changing.  All cancer survivors should get the opportunity to take part in this powerful, moving experience.  My journey that week will forever remain with me as one of the high points of my life.  For five days, I didn't think about chemo, or labs, or hospital visits. I thought less about dying. I laughed (a lot!) I made new friends who understood my issues. I made great memories in that week and created new stories that I will cherish forever. I learned new ways to handle the adversity that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  In short, I was able to re-calibrate my compass and return home with renewed hope. I'm still sick as ever, but my mental and spiritual outlook is far improved. I came home inspired. I am about to create a foundation we have been talking about forever. I'm more active. I've begun a meditation practice. Most importantly, I proved to myself i that I can still do the things I love, cancer or not! 

I love the feeling that I gets when doing something new and taking a step out of my comfort zone as I try to accomplish something new. The moment when I actually accomplishes something that I thought was unattainable is so motivating and invigorating. I want to be able to give this same feeling to the other fellow campers. I hope you will all join me in supporting this wonderful mission.

Each expedition will have a $1500 fundraising goal. This $1500 helps to “pay it forward” and is enough to sponsor a new participant. This is where you as a donor can help make this all possible. The greatest way to achieve success is by giving to others. By helping others you truly help yourself knowing you made a difference in a person’s life. You'll see for yourself that despite the adversities life throws at us, cancer survivors face each day with courage and dignity and serve as an inspiration to all.

So we need your help! Remember that every $1,500 you raise allows another young adult with cancer to attend camp. We can't change this disease, or what has happen to young adult cancer survivors but we can change how they fight it and their outlook of things. The greatest way to achieve success is by giving to others. By helping others you truly help yourself knowing you made a difference in a person’s life.  We would like Thank you all for your donations, support and most importantly prayers ahead of time. 


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