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Around 3:00pm on April 27th, Steve and Brody came to study with Eliza at school. We studied in a third floor conference room with a balcony. Steve and Brody went to the balcony where there was a solid concrete guard about chest height. Brody jumped to check it out and accidentally fell off, falling three stories onto a brick concrete ground. Thankfully, he landed on his left hind leg. Immediately, we rushed him to the vet. Brody was found to have shattered his left hind femur. Doctors were shocked that it was all that he suffered, let alone lived. Presently, he is at the hospital awaiting surgery in the morning.

All the doctor appointments, surgery, and rehab do not come cheap. We would greatly appreciate any support you can give. Every bit counts.

Thanks for being apart of Brody's life. Please keep him in your thoughts.


We talked with Brody's assistant surgeon around 8:00 am this morning. She explained that Brody did fine during the night. He vomited once but they believed it was most likely due to the medications he was on and were not concerned. After another x-ray, they found that everything was still the same as before, which was good.

Then around 10, Brody's surgeon called us. He explained that he use to work in New York where he treated animals all the time for falling off balcony's so he has a lot of experience. He also discussed his experience in working with this sort of injury and high success rate in recovery. The doctor discussed his confidence in Brody's leg and recovery to a sprinting Brody in the future. After talking with the doctor, we were confident, Brody was in great hands!

Soon after the call, the doctor took Brody in for testing before his operation and then was moving him into operation. As the doctor explained, no news is good news, so we're doing well.

Keep Brody in your thoughts (snack packs). We greatly appreciate all the support family and friends have given us. We'll update you as we know more.


We just talked with the doctor. Brody is fine, he did great through the surgery. The brake ended up being worse than he expected. While it was bad enough that it was a toss up on whether or not to keep his leg but the doctor wanted to give him a chance so he worked with what he had. Brody now has a bunch of metal in his leg and it's a wait game to see what his body does. Hopefully his bones will do the work.


We just picked up Brody and he finally gets to come home. He is walking on his three good legs and using very little pressure on his bad leg. If you can believe it, his musclier thigh is double the size of his other one. The swelling should take about a week to go down.

When we got home he ate his first meal and had the longest dehydrated piss ever. He has been drinking a lot of water. His new orthopedic dog bed is going to be his new home for the next few months which he doesn't seem to have any complaints. The first few hours were tough with the wining but once the drugs kicked in he seems to be okay.

Over the next month he will be a couch potato on his bed. Brody is only allowed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom with assistance from us. There will be also consistent massaging and icing of his leg which he is enjoying.

Were on our own until the two week check up when he gets his stitches out.

We'll keep you undated. Thanks again for all the love everyone has given.
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