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Miss Sarah was left abandoned was was suffering. Sarah had both Sarcoptic and Demodex Mange. She also needed emergency surgery on an overgrown toenail embedded in the paw, had tapeworms, and entropian eyelids. She is being loved but needs your help!

Can you help Miss Sarah?

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Miss Sarah was picked up by a good Samaritan who found her wandering in a rural area outside Springfield, MO. She was turned over to a local animal shelter who contacted Midwest Pug Rescue – MN Division when they realized they did not have the resources to deal with Miss Sarah’s health issues.

Sarah had a serious case of mange that had caused significant hair loss, scabbing, swelling and cracking of the skin on her feet and around her face. In addition to this, she had a toenail so overgrown that it had imbedded into her paw pad and required emergency surgery to be extracted. Miss Sarah was given her first mange treatment and made her way to the home of one of our Midwest Pug Rescue foster care providers.

Once Miss Sarah was in foster care, she started her many trips to the veterinarian. Upon a skin scrape, it was determined that Sarah had both Sarcoptic Mange and Demodex Mange. In addition to the mange, Sarah had tapeworms and currently has entropion eyelids, which is an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. Her eyelids will require surgery once her body is strong enough for the procedure.

In spite of her painful, itchy skin, Miss Sarah has never once lost her capacity for love or her enjoyment of life. She is affectionate, cuddly and happy to be wherever people are. She will crawl into your lap and cover you with kisses over and over again.

While Miss Sarah is safe in a loving home, she was recently diagnosed with a massive skin infection that is compromising her immune system. In addition to the mange treatments, she will be on antibiotics and supportive care for several weeks. The good news is that her personality continues to shine and she is much loved, no matter what she looks like.

Miss Sarah is petite little peanut and is only about 2 years old. How such damage and neglect could have occurred to so young a dog is mind-boggling.

While Midwest Pug Rescue has an abundance of love and cuddling to provide to dogs like Miss Sarah, we are always in need of funding. Miss Sarah’s treatments haven’t been cheap and we will continue to incur expenses on her behalf for several more months.

Can you help? Trust me when I say that if you met Miss Sarah, you couldn’t say no.

Update 3/28/10:

I took Sarah to the vet yesterday for bloody diarrhea.  She had a toxic level of Colitis which is an infection or inflammation of the large bowels.  The vet said the reason that Sarah had such a bad case of this was because her immune system was not able to react and deal with irritants in her body like a normal dog would be able to do.  Therefore, the infection got out of control.  She is on medication and a very bland diet right now.  The good news is, at the appointment they did another skin scrap and for the first time, it came back negative!  We were super excited.  They will continue to treat Sarah for the mange until we have a couple of negative scrapes.  Despite it all, Sarah continues to be a cuddle bug and is in great spirits. ;)



I really need to take more pictures of Sarah! She is so cute, but she does change so much from day to day. I brought her to the board meeting/foster meeting yesterday. I love the comment that Sarah had changed so much even the the past 2 weeks! She is getting more and more hair back and getting a little more spunk.

I posted another picture of her in the photos section. It is not a great picture, but it cracked me up because that night Sarah was just so tired and looked EXHAUSTED in her bed. It was a funny picture. However, it does show how much her body has healed and that the hair is starting to come back.

We had to go back to the vet this weekend for the large amount of clostridium in her GI tract. It had resolved with medication, but it came back. I am sure it is because her lack of an immune system. They put her back on the medication and her poop is back to normal again already. I am just looking forward to the week we don't have to be back to the vet! :) However, they are great and work well with her.


Well, I thought that Miss Sarah would always be a sweet snuggler who loves to be held. Even though this remains true at times, Little Miss Sarah's personality is changing! She loves to play, tugs toys from Bella's mouth, and Bella is teaching Sarah how to use the downstairs as a race track. Sarah is even starting to gnaw on things like a puppy. Sometimes when I hold her, she air walks with determination so I will put her down.

All three girls had a vet check-up yesterday. Sarah's fecal gram stain is still pretty interesting and it still has clostridium in her GI tract. I am picking a new human medication up for her at Walmart today. The vet called it in as he thought it was time to try something different. She is now on an all natural/homemade diet that is very regulated with the right amount of nutrients, fatty acids, probiotics, and supplements. We are hoping this will help.

I asked the vet about vaccines and what I can do for her skin, etc. He told me to slow down! He kindly reminded me that I am jumping the gun because she is acting so she feels good. That leads me to think that she is all better. The vet nicely reminded me to be patient as we have awhile to go. There are 3 tiers of medical things we need to get to with Sarah, and we are still on tier 1. Every day is worth it with her though!


Sarah went in on Saturday for her check up. There was both good news and not-so-good news.

Good News: Her immune system is doing so much better. Originally, we were going to wait with vaccines until she was healthy enough to tolerate them. Since she is doing so well, she got her Rabies vaccine and Bordetella vaccine. She will get her Distemper next month. We thought that would be pushing our luck. ;) Also, there was no Clostridium in her GI tract and her Colitis seems to be cleared. It is the first time in as long as I can remember that she has been off anitbiotics.

Bad News: On her skin scrape, there were 2 live Demodex Mites. That means we will need to continue treatment for awhile. We need to have 2 months in a row of negative scrapes. Then, we need to treat a little beyong that point. Keep your fingers crossed. She also had a very small eye ulcer, most likely due to dryness. There was also an ear infection that is being treated.

Overall, she is doing so much better, but we still have a ways to go. She will be in foster care for several more months. However, she loves her home here and is getting really attached to my Bella. She is a delight to have and we adore seeing her change before our very eyes.

In the PHOTOS section, check out the picture I took on May 1st.  She has come a long way!

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