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the funds that are raised will go to my medical expenses and the medicines i cant afford. i do not have insurance and cant get medicaid.

I am a 28 year old female in garden city id. i graduated from capital high school. i have had some ups and downs, and seem to have managed to come in to some hard time with medical problems. im in the process of filing for ssdi, but that never seems to go well for anyone the first couple rounds. almost 3 years ago i came back to boise to help take care of my mom, who was hit by a truck on her motorcycle and broke her neck and once she began to heal, i started to feel pretty run down. i found out i had a hereditary disease called Angioedema. there are different kinds, i have the hereditary kind. I do not have insurance and i am unable to get medicaid to get proper treatment for it. it causes my body to swell up everyday. sometimes its my feet, sometimes, my hands, or tongues or lips. other times i have to be rushed to the emergency room because benadryl just cant get it under control. i was also assaulted 2 years about 3 months after my moms surgery and went through alot of anxiety and stress and was put on alot of medication for that as well, on top of an anti seizure medication (topamax) which is very expensive and the person who did the damage does not have to pay restitution. i am unable to work and i somehow managed to pick up MRSA during my trips to the hospital for my Heriditary Angioedema and I am just trying to find a little bit of help until my ssdi hearing happens and they see i am unable to work. I also just had CIN3 removed and waiting to find out if there is any signs of cervical cancer. it seems like everything is all happening at once, and it is, but i am holding on hoping for some good news to come out of all of this. i know something has got to give. i have a wonderful family and some friends left. my family has tried to help as much as they could, but i think that i have dried up my useful connections. i feel so helpless. i cant afford my epipens anymore, cant afford my treatments for my HAE. Any help would do. I just wanted to get my story out there. Not too many people know about Hereditary Angioedma and how dangerous it can be. And it is impossible to work with MRSA because of how dangerous it is and how sick it can make someone or how fast it can spread if the person who has it isnt careful, and doesnt handle things properly. Thank You for reading
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