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My name is Alia and I am 22 years old. To be completely honest I feel bad for even making this post.

I don't suffer from Cancer. I am a hardworking young 22 year old woman who is in need of help.
I have been independent all my life. My mother passed away very young and my father has been struggling to take care of me.
Right now my father has been jobless for over a year and cannot find a job. Currently he has lost his left eye for a detached retina and is currently blind in one eye. I am drowning in medical bills to support myself and my father.I work doubles everyday and I still cannot survive. There is no government assistance for people my age and for people who work paycheck to paycheck. I have no idea what to do at this point but to swallow my pride and ask for help; hoping someone out there has struggled like my father and I and who understands. And one day I hope that I am not struggling and can give back.
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