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Send a premed student to help desperately understaffed medical clinics in Peru.

The boring part: I’m a 29-year-old mother of three and a wife.

The interesting part: I’m a third year premed student living on an island in the Pacific Ocean. I’m a published author, and I also happen to love daisies. Rural health care is really important to me and I would love to dedicate my medical career to providing care to those who don’t have it. So, this summer I am going to spend a month volunteering in hospitals and clinics in Cuzco, Peru.

What you get for giving me money for this:
1. The amazing satisfaction that you not only helped really poor Peruvians, you also kick-started the career of a doctor who really deserves it.

2. An in-depth look at volunteering in Peru and what it’s really like there. I will be documenting every part of my trip with photos, video and writing.

3. If you are from an organization, I will give a presentation on international health education and give you a first person account of my amazing experiences.

4. Depending on your donation level, you will get awesome gifts. Now how can you say no to that?

What Peru gets:
1. Peru hospitals and clinics are desperately understaffed. Even a premed student with rudimentary triage and maintenance skills can do a great deal of good.

2. If you just donate cash to Peru, much of it is used up in administrative overhead. It also doesn’t benefit the community from an economic standpoint. I go in, bringing medical supplies and a steady hand willing to work and spend money in the community, which benefits everyone.

3. The Cuzco Medical Clinic is small and super busy. It sees around 150-220 low-income patients a day. I don’t know what I’m really saying here… do you understand how busy that is?

Where the money goes:
I am going through Volunteer HQ, a New Zealand operation with a very high reputation. It is not a non-profit, but I chose this because unlike many non-profit organizations, it is completely transparent and most of the money goes back to the community you are volunteering in.
Here’s the breakdown:

Registration fee: $220 US - This is the administration cost.
Program fee for FOUR weeks: $675 US – This includes food, housing, airport pickup, and security, etc.
Airplane ticket: $1500 US approx. – This is the approximate cost of a flight from Vancouver, BC to Cuzco, Peru.
Extra costs: $500 – Visas, immunizations, travel insurance, extra expenses, medical Spanish lessons, etc.

TOTAL: $3000 US

Q. Why not go to Haiti or something?
A. Haiti is so incredibly bad right now that only very experienced professional personnel are currently allowed to go. The cholera outbreak has to get back under control before any premeds like me would do any good. Peru is deserving, and the UN ranks it 87 out of 177 countries (that’s not good).

Q. Why would I give you the money to go on a vacation?
A. Well, it’s not a vacation. I will be spending four weeks working hard in various medical clinics and hospitals around Cuzco, and I may only get to sightsee on the weekends. I have always dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu, but I will probably have to scrub blood off a floor first.

Q. Why should I do this instead of donating to a non-profit?
A. First of all, school is super expensive. Especially med school. There is also a shortage of doctors, especially of those willing to work in smaller or more underprivileged areas. I happen to be one of those who really wants to. You will not only help the people of Peru, but you will be helping a community have a doctor in the future for decades to come. Not only that, you will have my gratitude FOREVER.

Thank you!
No really, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You won’t regret it. I’ll make you proud, I promise.
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