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This is Dante's Femur Surgery Fund, which will be used for Dante's medical costs as he has no insurance.

DANTE'S BROKEN BONES!!!!! baby, my love and my light!

Dante, our 4 legged son, the 'grey lightening' and soul of the Chang casa, is seriously injured.
On Saturday April 7th, 2012, I came home from teaching and found that Dante somehow broke his femur, (possibly while playing with his brother Pompei) Italian Greyhounds are known for such fragility.
My husband and I quickly took him and his slack, dangling leg to the Vet for a check up. After x-rays it was diagnosed that his femur was shattered (into 4 parts!).
He was placed on medication, supervision and a catherer. We had to leave him there (which was safest for Dante) as there were no surgeons available (add in Easter weekend...). He's unable to walk and will need orthopedic surgery on Tuesday.
I accept he's my responsibility- he's my friend, my 'health insurance', my comedy team, my dashing four -legged son! He's brought us all a lot of joy- from those who've seen the 'grey lightening' to those at the bark park to you on fb, he's my special guy!

Personally, I don't mind asking for help, admitting a mistake or needing more time to learn. But when it comes to money, I have always been self reliant and valued that, and simply would live within my means. When it comes to asking for help or assistance (money $$ wi$e), it's not in my comfort zone AT ALL.
However, at the urging of friends, it was suggested that this is appropriate to allow a place to donate if they want to help. I'm really grateful for all the support and aloha shared with me and my family.

I will also be selling items as well as producing a fundraiser this April, so please stay tuned!


The Dante Update: June 12th- My goodness, we've passed the 2 month mark since Dante's leg break and surgery. What a journey it's been. His leg has filled out some, and each day, he uses it a little more, testing it and bearing down his weight. It will be a long process, I am sure. My husband and I do PT with him- fig. 8s and circles, walks on the leash. There's a new occurrence- dante is more likely to stand on all 4 feet in the presence of other dogs- I guess he doesn't want other dogs to know he's been injured. Every blue moon, he secretly goes into his pimped out crate for a little snooze- the post surgery association with that space still lingers. For now, his sofa surfing days are done- but we hope one day, he'll be able to hop from sofa to sofa with ease. Thanks for all the continued aloha and inquiries- it really does help more than you know.
The Dante Update: May 23rd: Well friends, some small kine good news. it's apparent that directly after Dante's PT, he's more inclined to stretch (I saw him in a full yoga downward dog!) and we've noticed if we keep him on a short leash during his walks. he's pulls on the leash and actually walks with his healing leg! He's also 'allowing' the leg to hang lower/closer to the ground instead of holding it close to the body, of letting it remain slack and drag. Small steps to the long road to recovery, but it gives us all hope. I hope that by Christmas, he'll be able to walk 'normally' and go to the dog park, etc. More to follow! I might make a small video so you can see the charmer in action! Thank you again for your deep concerns and collective efforts to help!!!
HERE IT IS, MAY 20th. It's been 6 weeks since Dante's break, and close to 5 weeks since his surgery. Recovery, is slow. I knew it would be, but it surprising how taxing it is. There are good days and 'meh' days. Dante has given up trying to sofa surf-now he just gives a sad 'pick me up please' look. This week, he actually picked up a toy to play- the FIRST time since the accident. he really can't run or chase, but he IS fast on 3 legs. He's upgraded to walks on the leash, and sometimes, he sees a 4 legged friend which he loves. The bark park is off limits for now, and it bums us all out. My honey and I do PT on him- leg stretches, walks on the leash and fig. 8s in the garage plus standing and sitting exercises to work his atrophied muscle. I sometimes worry he's never use the left back leg they way he did, but I remember many sites say it takes 8-12 months for a full recovery. Later, dante will be seen again my the vet, to assess his progress, so for now, it's one day at a time for us all. Thank you again for all your help- it's means more than you know!!!

4/30: The Dante Update:
Well, little one had his staples removed today. I was bummed I couldn't be there, as I had to work and their schedule was tight. My worse fears are semi-confirmed, as the vet said he was worried as dante's lack of placing weight on his injured foot. The slack, dangling leg that makes me cringe ISN'T normal, even for the injury, and the muscle atrophy is as bad as I suspected. We have a whole slew of PT to run dante through, and we're hoping he'll 'remember' how to use his fourth leg again. The only 'good' part of the visit other than staple removal, was there was no charge for the visit, a relief after the $5G bill incurred from the traumatic ordeal. Please pray for Dante's full recovery-we need you!

4/29: The Dante Update:he whimpers when he wants to sofa or bed surf
he's used to hopping and leaping
i actually caught him stretching his back legs, yoga-like- a good sign...
Tomorrow- he gets his staples removed!

Dante update 4/26: Well it's dinner time for the Chang hunds, and today Dante actually barked for his dinner and tried to do this patented dane dinner dance of glee! True to local style, he's now back under my desk, ready for a 'knack-attack' (translation- eat till ya sleep). Here's a pic of him in soon to snooze mode...
and friends-THANK YOU for the recent inquiries and donations- REALLY!

4/25: 4 months ago, it was Christmas. I remember how excited my dogs are on this day. They get chew treats and they rummage through the gift wrap paper, and sometimes, are subjected to a bow, stuck on their head. Dante was curious about the Christmas tree- the first real one we've had in years. After all the excitement, they'd chase each other,and jump up on to the sofa. I am sad that dante can't sofa surf or bed hop. I can tell he's bummed. You see it in his eyes. For everyday that seems like there's improvement, something small like his looks given to the sofa reminds me we are so far away. Seeing his dangling leg, hovering over the earth, swinging like a pendulum of a clock, makes me sad. I know it takes time, but it breaks your heart in a second, again and again.

4/21: DANTE just stretched! It's progress, friends- it is!!!
He's even tried his head shaking ear flaps on for size- a little woozy but an effort! Yesterday he even stayed in his crate with no complaints! So proud of the "little dude" (as we call him).

4/20: Each day there's both progress and the reminder of how long this will take for recovery. Our vet said at least 8-12 weeks, some websites say 6 months a a YEAR! Dante and I are both MOVERS- he does doggie yoga, sprints and puts on a show. I'm a dancer and singer- completely in my body and spirit.
It breaks my heart to see the anguish in his eyes- he wants to jump-be ON the bed, the sofa and chair, navigate stairs and on occasion, chase a bird in the yard, But he can't- for now.

BECAUSE the fundraiser has been moved to MAY, please feel free to join us here, for now, if you can. we're exceptionally grateful for your aloha and help!

4/19: He took the last of his meds- so we're watching to see how he'll do. The scar is healing nicely- no oozing or discharge. He sleeps alot and can almost lift his leg to pee- a small achievement for a little injured dog!!! Watching dante's progress reminds me of the importance of adaptability and perseverance! and, to know so many of you have actively helped with his recovery-and we THANK YOU!!!
Dante's leg what was operated on is starting to 'descend' and hang/hover lower and closer to the ground. he's bandage and cone -free at the moment, and is slowly gaining his appetite. little by little, he's getting better. he lost some weight and fur (via shaving for the operation) but all in all, he's got a spring in his wobble! Here's to a speedy recovery, little one! and, a BIG MAHALO for everyone's hopes and help!!!

Watching Dante hobble a long on his 3 'good legs' is both heart-breaking AND amazing. Animals, are quite adaptable...

DANTE UPDATE: HE'S BACK HOME! My little one is snoozing in under my desk, mellow, calmer, less bruised, less swollen and more peaceful. He's figured out that pill pockets have meds, and will only eat his meds with ham. He hobbles along on 3 legs quite fast- and his bandage is now off, revealing his 15 staples!

Dear friends, 
I wanted to write a little update about Dante. I'm here in Maui for work, but really, yesterday's emotional and physical setback with Dante kinda haunts me. Long story short, he was in pain, lost a tooth and was unconsolable. He's back at the vet, mellow and under supervision. We hope to bring him home (again), Sunday.
I want to THANK EVERYBODY- for their encouragement, kindness and deep generosity of the heart! Your gifts both lift my spirits and ensure I will not completely be saddled with debt. I am so grateful!!!!

En Français:

DANTE ... mon bébé, mon amour et ma lumière!

Dante, notre fils de 4 pattes, le «gris éclair» et l'âme de la casa Chang, est grièvement blessé.
Le samedi 7 Avril, 2012, après le travail on a constaté que Dante s'est cassé le fémur, (peut-être en jouant avec son frère Pompei) Les Petits Lévriers Italiens sont connus pour cette fragilité.
Mon mari et moi l'avons alors amenés d'urgence lui et sa patte inanimée chez le vétérinaire pour un check up. Après des radiographies, il a été diagnostiqué que son fémur a été brisé (en 4 parties!).
Il a été placé sous médicaments, sous surveillance et un catherer. Nous avons dû le laisser là (ce qui était le plus sûr pour Dante) car il n'y avait pas de chirurgiens disponibles (car week-end de Pâques ...). Il est incapable de marcher et aura besoin d'une chirurgie orthopédique, mardi.
J'accepte qu'il est de ma responsabilité, c'est mon ami, mon assurance santé "mon équipe de comédiens, mon fils fringant à quatre pattes! Il nous apporte à tous beaucoup de joie à ceux qui l'ont vu le «gris éclair» à ceux du parc pour chien à vous sur fb, c'est mon mec spécial!

Personnellement, ça ne me dérange pas demander de l'aide, en admettant une erreur ou nécessitant plus de temps pour apprendre. Mais quand il s'agit d'argent, j'ai toujours été autonome et respecté, et tout simplement vivre selon mes moyens. Quand il s'agit de demander de l'aide ou l'assistance (de l'argent $ $ $ ), ce n'est pas dans mes habitudes.
Toutefois, à la demande de mes amis, il a été suggéré que cela est approprié pour permettre de faire un don si ils veulent aider de le faire sur un si
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