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Help support Minty, an amazing little girl with a rare form of brain cancer.

 Minty Python lives with her mother, Mama Python, in Brooklyn, NY. They earned their names through their voracious appetites and ability to eat twice their body weight in 1 seating.

Born in the early hours of a humid July 10th, 2009 at 36 weeks, Minty weighed in at a modest 4 lbs 13oz. Delivered by emergency c-section to a severely preeclamptic mother, Minty amazingly did not even need to go into NICU.  

6 weeks later, on August 24th, Minty was crying a bit more than usual. Her pediatrician immediately recognized full blown hydrocephalus, and a CAT scan hours later revealed a mass. A temporary drain was put into Minty's head that night.

An MRI the next day confirmed a tumor at the base of Minty's brain, and the tumor was removed that night.  Minty was discharged on September 11th, having undergone 4 head surgeries in days, all before she turned 8 weeks old.

The original diagnosis of desmoplastic medulloblastoma was countered in mid-Setember with anaplastic ependymoma. Minty started on the Headstart III protocol in October, which is 6 rounds of high-dose chemotherapy, ending in an autologous stem-cell rescue of leveled bone marrow. The aim is to avoid radiation in children under the age of 10 years.

Minty tolerated the chemo well, and with a lot of bouncing in and out of the hospital, as well as a couple of 3-week stints inpatient, completed 5 of the 6 rounds. Then, an MRI on March 12, 2010 discovered several lesions that had grown on high-dose chem.  Minty was immediately pulled off the protocol, and multiple doctors/institutions confirmed the diagnosis of approximately 4 new tumors.

Since attacking the tumor did not work, the next step is to starve the tumors by going after the blood vessels that feed them. Minty has begun chronic low-dosing of 4 oral drugs each day, 7 days/week, as well as working with energy healers.

Minty's mother, Mei Lai, has been living off life savings and has been lucky enough to be able to dedicate herself 24/7 to Minty's care. Mei Lai has spent the last 15 years working in the wardrobe department on many films and TV shows and looks forward to be able to re-join the workforce once her daughter's health permits it.

Thank you for helping Minty fulfill her destiny. 

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