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I am ready to get this weight off safely so I can enjoy life again before it is over. Trying to avoid surgery. Expensive. Ins won't help.

Today, November 30th at midnight is it for my fundraiser. I really need your help so I can continue on this program. My parents have been helping so far, but really can't afford to continue helping by themselves. I just finished week 4 and weighed in last night. So far I have lost a total of 31.2 lbs. If you have seen me in the last few years, you are aware of how out of control my weight has gotten. I used to be a very happy, healthy, active and social person. I started gaining weight after college and over the last few years have let things go way too far. Now, I am very committed to losing this weight so I can be healthy and not in as much pain. I need to get better so I can be here to take care of my son. My doctor referred me to a medically supervised weight loss program at Alegent Hospital. I want to try to avoid gastric bypass surgery and I want to do this safely since I have such an extreme amount I am trying to lose. MY GOAL IS TO LOSE 250 lbs!!!! My insurance will not cover any of this even though it is proven effective and they have helped hundreds of people lose drastic amounts of weight. It is very expensive and I will not financially be able to do this alone. To commit to this program I will have a weekly visit to the doctor for lab work, monitoring, EKG, etc., weekly class fee, counseling and therapy, weekly meal replacements and fruits and vegetables.  I would also like to join the hospital fitness center as they can do my fitness plan and training in close conjunction with the medical weight loss plan.  After checking into other cheaper options, I went to this seminar and feel this is the RIGHT program for ME and I am committed to find a way to do it. I felt awkward at first about setting this fundraiser up for myself, but since I am really ready to do this and don't want to have to stop because I run out of money, I have no other option besides to ask for help.  I am sure it will take at least a year to reach my goal, probably longer. Doctor says even up to two years. But anything you can afford to contribute will mean another day I can work towards my goal. **** UDATE ****** As of January 10th I have started the 11th week of the first 13 week program and lost 53.3 lbs. I really need to keep going. I still have 200 lbs to try to lose.  PLEASE HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT THERE!!! Although this fundraiser ended, you can message me or even contact Alegent Health Lakeside Weight Management program @ 402-572-2333 if you want to help sponsor me or if you know of any businesses or churches that might do sponsorships.  THANK YOU!!!
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