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John Brewer sufferd a severe trauma while hiking in the Punch Bowls on May 16th.

 Unfortunatly on the morning of Sunday May 16th, John was hiking in Ojai and was accidently injured while diving in the water at the popular but remote swimming area called The Punchbowls. He was airlifted by helicopter to Ventura County Medical center where he is currently in the ICU unit being treated for various injuries (mainly a broken neck and paralyzation) as well as recovering. We adore him so much and know he will get through this! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He is a truely amazing young man. Updates as they come will be posted below:   August 10th -  John is still in the hospital, he was supposed to be transfered to a sub-acute several times but due to health complications and a scabies outbreak there it hasnt gone through. He has another tenative discharge date tomorrow but due to his poor breathing situation I doubt that will happen. Every time it looks like we're out of the woods, we find ourselves right back in a bad situation. Pls keep those prayers coming! July 13th-  John got his HALO off yesterday! This is very good in terms of comfort, increased PT/OT possibilities, and allows for better access so his pressure sores to be treated. It also allows for Rapunzel to get a haircut, any suggestions? Im thinking old man cul-de-sac, though a squirrel pelt mullet might be in order... July 2nd -  "Hanging with John at rehab today, they hooked him up to a cool device that lets him drive his wheelchair with his chin! Now Im going to get trained on a few different things so I can take him around town/harass people in the parking lot."  "Please keep praying that he will get off the ventilator and regain feeling in his limbs, we still have a long way to go." -Mike (older brother) June 21st- Great progress with John today, they put him on a portable ventilator and deflated the balloon inside his throat that holds the traech in place which restored some of his voice! He should be completely off the vent sometime this week or next which will be a major step in his rehabilitation, and tomorrow he will have a swallow test possibly allowing him to enjoy an ice cold beverage! June 18th- "Hanging out with John in his new rehab location, waiting for more good things to happen. I think he'll be breathing on his own soon, which will hopefully restore his voice too. I just ruined him in a game of chess, but his spirits continue to soar like an eagle." - Mike Brewer (older brother) June 16th - "John has been moved out of the ICU today to begin his rehabilitation. Its gonna be a big step and a lot of hard work but hes going into it with the right mentality. Please pray for Gods continued work on him, both physically and mentally, as John goes through this preparation to return home. " - Mike Brewer (older brother)   June 4th - As of 5:30pm today John is taking breaths on his OWN!!! His doctor was so pleased this afternoon when he saw John sleeping AND breathing on his own, that he ordered the O2 to be reduced just a little. John will eventually be able to replace that with his own regular breathing! Another miracle... John is making these things look like a common day occurrence! Keep praying and loving on our friend, it works!   
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