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Our 15-month-old son, Alejandro Vidal, was born with a life threatening heart disease that impedes oxygenated blood to get into his lungs. He was born without a connection between his heart and lungs. Since childbirth he has remained on a ventilator.

A letter from Alejandro Vidal's dad:

Alejandro Vidal was born on November 1st, 2008, at the Saint Lucie Medical Center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Since childbirth he showed difficulty breathing, thus doctors decided to transfer him to Miami Children's Hospital for further evaluation.

In Miami doctors diagnosed him with a Pulmonary Atresia with Multiple Collaterals and a Ventricular Septal Defect, a very rare, complicated and life threatening congenital heart disease that, in a nutshell, means he was born without a connection between his heart and lungs. His Pulmonary Artery did not form during my wife's pregnancy; instead, he developed little branches that make for it, but do not provide enough oxygenated blood to his lungs. Alejandro spent the next 10 months hospitalized.

During this time he underwent three open-heart surgeries in which surgeons performed a Unifocalization of the Collaterals, closed the Ventricular Septal Defect and carried out five catheterizations to keep his aortopulmonary collaterals open so air could keep flowing into his lungs. He also had a Tracheostomy to provide safer ventilation, underwent surgery to install a G-tube to provide his medicines and a J-tube to provide for nutrition due to severe reflux. Up to this day he remains ventilator-dependant.

Since Alejandro was diagnosed with this rare disease our life has been a daily challenge and a constant struggle. We have two other girls, Emily, 12, and Emma, 2. They have both stayed with me during their brother’s hospitalization and I have received an enormous support from my mother-in-law who has helped me to take care of them while I keep working. We all survive thanks to my modest income. My wife had to quit her job so she could take care of baby Alejandro. 

My wife and I decided to transfer Emily to a school in Miami with the hope that this nightmare could end soon. With the financial help from our in-laws, we rented an apartment close to the hospital. We figured that by doing this at least the girls could see their mother more often, specially at night when she came back from the hospital. I drove back to Miami every weekend so I could share some family time with them. I still do it. Thankfully, I have received great support from my boss who has allowed me to work remotely on several occasions, and I will always be grateful to him for this gesture. We are also deeply thankful to my mother and my wife’s aunt, who have helped to watch over Alejandro for on the weekends so we could spend some quality time with the girls, as well as sometimes during the week they would take turns to help Gretell be a mother to the girls.

Alejandro was finally released from the hospital on December 23, 2009. And just a month after, we noticed he was having difficulties breathing. This time it was severe.

During his last catheterization on February 8, 2010, doctors could not dilate a collateral that goes from his heart to the left lung. In other words, it was closed. Doctors explained that there might not be any other ways, at least surgically, to get his collateral back; which makes it harder for our son to maintain good blood-oxygen-levels without the need of a ventilator.

We are desperate. We have asked doctors to send our son's records to other hospitals to get a second opinion. We are hopeful we could find other solutions, both cardiovascular and pulmonary. We have already packed our bags and will go anywhere, at anytime notice, as soon as we get that call. We’ll do anything, and everything, to save our son; but we need your help today, we need your help now. Our financial situation is dire and we can’t even afford plane tickets or hotel rooms. By donating to this website you are helping us; you are giving our son a chance to live; you are granting us another day to keep fighting for his life.

From the bottom of our hearts….Thank you!

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