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The family of Nugget are trying to raise funds for life saving surgery

As I write this our 7yr old pom Nugget is literally choking to death we adopted him last year from a local shelter after he was turned in because his pom buddy had contracted meningitis and his family feared the same fate for him.

Shortly after we got him home he began coughing so
we took him to my vet. It seemed he simply had a case of kennel cough so antibiotics were prescribed. Unfortunately Nuggets cough only worsened so we tried a different antibiotic still having no luck an xray was done only to find that Nugget had the proverbial pom collapsed trachea.

That was over a year ago and until approximately 2 weeks ago the prednisone he has been on seemed to do a good job at keeping the inflammation down. we took him to oury new vet on 8-8 ,after a week of Nugget gagging and because money is a huge issues (both unemployed and both seeking work) we only had $200.00 so the vet opted to treat him with a cough suppressant and doxycicline hoping that he had contracted a little kennel cough on top of his trachea being collapsed.

Dr West said based on the info we had given him about Nuggets trachea he could pretty much assume that if the cough was unresponsive that it is indeed that his trachea has collapsed even further. I can only say
that five days into treatment he has gotten progressively worse, he coughs heavily about 20 hours a day eats only a tad and just lays around looking scared
and he never wags his tail. As we cannot even afford to pay our bills I have no idea how we can get the surgery he needs to fix his trachea. He's such a happy little fellow bringing much joy to our hearts and minds,

Three and a half years ago my wife made one of the toughest decisions of her life. While caring for her dying momma she had to have her beloved 8 yr old lab mix euthanised. Chauncey suffered from separation anxiety and was cutting my mother in law off in her walker and knocking her down. so my wife opted to have her euthanised.... eight days later she lost her momma as well. Chauncey was what you would call unadoptable she had suffered separation anxiety her whole life, would not eat if my wife was not present and we had been treating her for Addisons Disease with Percorten-V for 6.5 yrs, she still grieves her loss to this day and had sworn she would never have another dog until this little guy showed up, and bam she/we fell head over heels in love with him. It has been a rough 3.5 yrs my wife lost her mom on April 9, 2008 just 3 days after our youngest son deployed to Iraq with the National Guard he came home in August of 2009 and deployed again to Afghanistan in September 2010 ...he was medivaced Feb. of this year to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC where he has been to present due to head trauma.

Anyway as you can see its been a tough road and my wife and I are absolutely devastated at thought that we might have to put our little buddy to sleep. He has truly brought some joy back into our lives. Until he got in a bad way he has always greeted us and visitors at the door doing his happy dance, played fetch, ran through the back yard barking when we were out (my wifes theory is that he was bragging that his family was out with him to the other dogs in the neighborhood) as he rarely barks, played happily with our grands ages
2 thru 16, and loves our cats, although he does think he is the kitty gestapo of the house when they are misbehaving he does not hesitate to correct them by
barking at the perpetrator. The only fault we have found is that he loves cat food so we have had to put the bowls up high (but what dog don't). I’m hoping and praying that someone reading this can help our little Nuggie.

The ideal situation is if we can find a good samaritan vet here in the Charleston SC area that would help Nugget probono that aside surgery for trachea stents will run about $4000.00-$5000.00
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