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Spinal Cord Injury (Stem Cell treatment )

  Hi, I’m Ahmesha In life everyone fears something. My worst fears in life were being shot and being paralyzed. Well, I’ve been living with my fears for almost four years now. On August 19, 2006, the father of my newborn baby girl, shot me three times and left me for dead. My life changed so dramatically. My life was taking a turn for the worse. I was on life support, a feeding tube was put in, a Tracheotomy, also a Filter to prevent blood clots, my right lung collapsed, a fractured shoulder, my Liver was lacerated. Broken ribs, and multiple broken bones in my neck. Later I caught the Flu, which turned into Pneumonia. The bullet did so much damage to my throat, that the doctors said there is a great chance that I wouldn’t be able to talk again. I communicated with my eyes. In October I started talking by the grace of God. I was hospitalized for 4months. Having doctors coming in and out and having blood being drawn and different varieties of tests done was too over whelming. I was fighting for my life so hard. I didn’t want my daughter to grow up without a mother because there’s nothing like a mothers love. When I was able to see her, I lit up like a ball of fire. When our visitation time was up it was like someone was taking my child away from me for good. She would look at me and I’ll be looking at her, we both had tears in our eyes. That’s one hurtful feeling that I can’t explain. Something that I don’t understand is why would anyone intentionally try to murder the mother of your child. The first time I seen myself, I broke down. It seemed surreal to me, because I’m supposed to be helping them but it’s the other way around. Here I am, 20yrs old a victim of domestic violence, in a wheelchair, paralyzed, weighing 84lbs, and unable to see my daughter on a regular basis. I was released from the hospital when my daughter was five months old. It was very hard when it was just me, my mother, and my baby. At first I thought there was no way we can do this with no help. Later I was getting service from Bayada Nursing. It’s difficult to talk to someone and understand where you’re coming from when they’re not in the same situation you’re in. Just like everyone else, I have my down days. Life come with many struggles, you just got to know nothing lasts forever. I had to get used to all the staring, and whispering when i go out in public. I’m in constant pain everyday. Some of the medication I take doesn’t relieve majority of my upper back pain. I soon heard about Stem Cell Treatment. I immediately started doing research about Stem Cell Treatment. Stem Cell Treatment is not approved by the F.D.A in the United States. The surgeries are performed in other countries. I feel as though if there is a cure or treatment for anyone’s medical condition help them. I don’t believe in letting someone suffer, I find it very cruel. I’ve came a long way thanks to God, my beautiful daughter, my mother, and some family members and friends. I also want to give a special thanks to Randy Burch and Jay Lyons who were the paramedics who arrived in less then a minute to save my life. I try not to let things get to me. It’s so frustrating when someone has to do everything for you. I’m unable to do anything for myself, I’m totally dependent on others. All I ask is for you to give me a second chance to hug my baby girl. So I ask for your support to help raise funds for my treatment. Thank you for your time and support. Sincerely, Ahmesha Jenkins
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