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Today is my birthday, and this is my wish...please help save the life of my beautiful cat Penelope!

UPDATE: I spoke with the veterinarian this morning, and yesterday's CT scan revealed more extensive damage then the xrays had. The entirety of her skull along with her brain casing had fractures and I worried about brain pressure and potential pain that she might experience after healing that I wouldn't be aware of, since animals instinctively hide pain. Additionally it would take about 8 weeks and at least three separate surgeries and she'd probably only have 65% use of her jaw.

I went down to see her and held her in my arms for about an hour. She seemed to be my wonderful loving gray lady, but the extreme damage to her head gave me deep misgivings about the quality of her life. Was I trying to save her for herself, or for myself? She fell asleep for the last time in my arms today.

Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who donate, both the very generous large donations a well as the small...every bit of it gave me hope that I had options. Thank you so much for letting me know that if I chose to go forwards I would not be alone. I know now that I made my choice based on what was best for Penelope, and not worries about the financial burden.

I spent about $3500 over the past two days, so you donations will be put to good use. In addition, I will be making large donations to IMOM and RedRover ( to support the need of other families with pet medical crises.

On my 23rd birthday I lost my best friend Patches, who had been my constant companion since I was 6, to late-stage cancer. A few months later I adopted a pair of rescue kittens Valentin and Penelope who helped me feel whole again. Then again today, on my 27th birthday tragedy struck - literally. My beautiful Penne, the cuddle monster who spends all day inside and never leaves the yard, was hit by a car.

The damage is serious, breaks and fractures in her jaw and the loss of one or both eyes...but she is responsive and alert and still so brave and sweet. This time I have the ability to save my precious friend, but I need your help. The low estimate is $10k and I couldn't come up with that amount even if I sold everything I own. But if you, and one of your friends, and one of their friends each gave even $10 we could save Penelope.

Please, please. Even if you don't know me, know this -- this cat is the world to me, she is what makes me happy every day. By helping me repair her precious face you'll be saving a cat's life, but you'll also be saving my heart.
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